No poverty, zero hunger, gender equality: Key priorities for urban Indians

New Delhi: Poverty alleviation, achieving zero hunger and gender equality are the major priorities among the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG) for urban Indians, according to a World Economic Forum-Ipsos survey.

The survey also found that good health and wellbeing is among the top priorities for urban Indians, said an Ipsos statement.
Further the top three SDG priorities of global citizens for 2021 were, zero hunger, no poverty and good health and well-being.

Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India noted that the pandemic and lockdowns have largely impacted livelihoods and the top three goals only support tiding over the rough patch of ensuring that people are fed, financially supported and the healthcare system is stepped up to provide treatment and vaccination.

Government has also geared its focus on these three areas, until the virus is contained, he added.

“Though for a country like India where majority are steeped in poverty, these are long term goals. Gender Equality too has been identified a key area of focus by netizens. With work from home, job losses, kids at home, health issues etc there is more pressure on women post pandemic. So, gender equality has become more salient in India,” he said .

“A comparison with similar ranking done in 2019 shows that long term impact SDG goals such as sustainable consumption, sustainable economic growth and sustainable use of natural resources have been over-shadowed by immediate sustenance related goals such as zero hunger and health & wellbeing, clearly as a result of the pandemic playing on people’s mind.”

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