Positivity Rate Down 

The covid-19 positivity rate of J&K has declined to 2.2%, offering a much-needed hope towards return to normal. It is also a signal that the measures against Covid’s 2nd wave are providing desired results. Administration and people should be credited but there is still a long way to go.

The achievement of 2.2% positivity rate feat comes as Chief Secretary, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta, called for scientific and evidence-based management of covid-19. He has set June15 deadline for bringing down the positivity rate to 2% in all districts including those where there is high mortality rate .

The district administrations have been rightly asked to work on a localized strategy for Covid mitigation keeping in view the analysis based on the five parameters already detailed out by the government. They have been also asked to concentrate not only at the district level but also to have the situation closely monitored at the sub-district level.  This approach is prudent and all the concerned authorities need to render full cooperation for its success which would help restore normalcy.

The administration must continue to be cogent and take all the measures to flatten the Covid-19 curve. Also people need to realize that there is room for complacency and as such every endeavor should be made to ensure that covid-19 appropriate behavior is adhered to in all circumstances to keep the ravaging pathogen at bay. The note of caution sounded by the Union Home Secretary last month on the successive surges and the need to remain vigilant to the situation must be adhered to in letter and spirit. There is a need to learn from experiences to keep pace with testing and vaccination rates, besides enforcing COVID appropriate behaviour and strengthening the medical infrastructure. It is also imperative for the administration to map minute details to deal effectively with the pestilence.

In areas with low vaccination rate, there is a need to strategize a comprehensive plan in coordination with the Police and Civil administration to accelerate the drive. Districts with the scope of improvement need to go some extra mile to achieve desirable results, Lieutenant Governor rightly directed during a covid-19 review meeting here.

The Lt Governor also instructed the DCs and CMOs to fix the responsibilities for proper functioning of these centres with all requisite facilities and its maintenance. It is important to note that while various measures are proving effective and have helped bring the transmission of the disease under control, removing curbs on social movement prematurely may again start the spread of the disease. Science should guide all decisions.


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