Vaccine fully researched, will achieve target soon: Govt

By: Tasaduq Hussain

Srinagar: Stating that the Covid-19 situation is being constantly monitored in Jammu and Kashmir, the government on Monday said that the vaccine administered to the people is completely safe and fully researched.

They said that in case of any mis-event, a proper mechanism remains in place to deal with the situation.

Notably, the health teams in different districts of Jammu and Kashmir in recent days went to the paddy fields to vaccinate people including men and women mainly those above the age of 45-years-old besides visiting door to door in remote areas amid the ongoing pandemic.

Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar who heads the Health, department said that the high-risk groups are being targeted for the vaccination across Jammu and Kashmir so that people above the age of 18 and 45-years-old are covered mainly those who are above 45 years.

Bhatnagar said achieving 100 per cent vaccination target of people above the age of 45-years-old should be completed soon but there is a different percentage of the target achieved in all the districts across Jammu and Kashmir.

“The vaccination should be completed soon,” he said.

Refuting the rumours about the vaccine, the advisor said that “vaccine is fully researched and it is already approved and is safe besides a proper mechanism is in place in case of any misevent to manage the situation.”

He said that to achieve the target of vaccination in Jammu and Kashmir the cooperation of every individual is sought and all the target groups are being attended to in J&K.

About the decline in Covid positive cases, Bhatnagar said that the situation is constantly being monitored though the cases have started to decline.

To a query about the plans of unlocking in Jammu and Kashmir given the decline in positivity graph, he said that the order of the ensuing week has already been issued.

“We will review it by the end of the week,” he said.

Jammu and Kashmir after witnessing the peak of Covid cases between the mid-April to May end has started to register a decline in the daily cases including the deaths while it also witnessed a preventive lockdown phase to contain the further spread of the virus. (KNO)

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