Shopping complexes can remain open from Mon-Thursday in Sgr

Srinagar: The district disaster management authority Srinagar under Monday allowed the outdoor bazar and shopping complexes to open for four days a week while as a particular business establishment will remain open twice a week.

In an order issued by the district disaster management vide No Covid/ CR/21/7049, dated 06-06-2021, the Outdoor Bazaars and Shopping Complexes can open on four days a week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and a particular business establishment will remain for two days a week.

According to the order, the format of opening the business establishments have been classified as the Markets having shops in both sides of the road shall open on alternate days on rotation basis, while as the shops on other side will remain closed, while as the markets having shops on only one side shall open as odd numbered shops on Mondays and Wednesdays and even numbered shops on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however in case of Shopping Complexes shops to remain open on rotational basis.

The order further reads that, in case of Shopping malls, only after submitting the proposed plan for opening the shops inside the malls to DDMA for permission, after which only 25 percent of shops inside the malls will be allowed to open on a given day.

“For public transport, which includes matadors, mini buses, cabs and taxies have been allowed to ply on 50 percent seating capacity on all days except Saturday and Sunday,” the order reads. “While as for Restaurants and Bakeries, only home delivery is allowed, adding that, no entry of customers is allowed even for takeaways.”

Barber shops, saloons and beauty parlors are allowed to open on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, order reads.

The order further states that in religious and social gatherings, only twenty five persons are allowed, while as in funerals twenty persons are allowed. Cinema halls, gymnasiums, Swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres bars, auditoriums, assembly halls and similar places shall remain closed, reads the order. (KNO)

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