Don’t Push Complacency

Lately, covid-19 cases have seen a downward trend in India and Jammu and Kashmir.

On Monday, June 7, India logged 1.06 lakh new coronavirus infections during the last 24 hours, its lowest daily rise in almost two months. It marked a drop of 12 per cent from the previous day’s 1.14 lakh cases that were reported to be the lowest in two months. The death toll due to pathogens reached 3,49,186 with 2,427 new fatalities, the lowest in around 45 days.

As regards Jammu and Kashmir, 977 fresh virus cases, the lowest single-day spike was reported since April 8. On Sunday, J&K reported 1440. Put in other words, a net decline of 463 cases has been recorded in the COVID-19 caseload in a span of 24 hours.

The data suggests that a second wave is ebbing in most parts of the country and as such many states have started opening up markets and establishments.  Amid this, there has been a statement by various people at the helm of affairs which suggest that covid-19 has been defeated. While it is good that measures done to contain the pathogen spread have paid off the desired results, equally important is to ensure that no such statement is made that drives people to lower the guard.

The first wave which peaked last year was blamed on extraneous factors. The authorities have admitted that the complacency to covid-19 behavior was to be blamed for the second wave which is only ebbing and not over by stretch of imagination. The governments declined that a mutant strain of the virus which is said to be more infectious drove the present wave.

The government should continue and that too vigorously with all the measures which have helped to bring the covid-19 numbers down. There is no room for complacency. Wait and watch policy could prove detrimental as in the past which a place like J&K can hardly afford to bear. There is need for continuing with tests, tracking and isolating infected persons alongside with due adherence to caution which remains pivotal to save lives and livelihood.

The administration’s message to not be complacent and continue to adhere to mask use is in the right scientific spirit and must continue to be listened and adhered to.

A recent tweet by the Deputy Commissioner Srinagar is worth mentioning  that the “virus appears walking away only to set in an Ambush!”

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