JKEC demands rollback of new online class order

By: Bhat Imran

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Education Chamber (JKEC) on Wednesday demanded roll back of fresh government orders regarding the online classes and claimed that the education policies cannot be changed based on a viral video.

”The government claimed that the decision to change education policy of conducting online classes for a short duration was made after taking all the stakeholders on board but this is not reality. We have not been consulted,” G N Var, president of Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) said while addressing a presser at Srinagar’s Kashmir Press Club (KPC)

He further said that the government didn’t amend the syllabus but only the online class system. “If this decision has been taken in true faith then this should be implemented throughout India,” he said.

Var further claimed that the policy is made for long-term goals and challenges.

“The order will be implemented on the ground only after we have feedback from the parents and the educational experts. The future of our students is at stake and we won’t take any decision in haste,” he said.

JKEC on the occasion also said that the students were usually spending 5-6 hours in a school on a regular basis.

“It won’t be possible for the private schools to complete the syllabi in such a short duration of online classes,” JKEC said.

The chamber further said that if the students are attending online classes of just 30 minutes or 90 minutes, then the government is sending them into a darker side—(KNO)

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