Non-covid Lal Ded Hospital continues to function as usual, Dr Masooma Rizvi

e-Sanjeevni OPD providing tele-consultation to pregnant women from 10 am to 4pm

SRINAGAR: “Lal Ded is a non-covid Seven Hundred bed hospital which provides medical service to pregnant Ladies”, said Gynecologist, Dr Syed Masooma Rizvi.

“We are receiving eighty to one hundred patients on a daily basis even during the prevailing pandemic”, she informed about the functioning of the hospital and services provided to pregnant women,  currently.

Gynecologists said that  people should take responsibility regarding adherence to safety precautions against Covid-19 and follow general and specific SOPs.

“Pregnant women shall adopt a proper strategy to keep themselves safe from infection. Even if a pregnant woman catches a virus, she need not to fear”, she added speaking  that out of all the infected pregnant ladies, 80 percent pregnant women were asymptomatic while 18 percent developed mild symptoms.

She further added that only 2% pregnant ladies were severely affected after catching infection who needed hospitalization for treatment.

Pregnant Ladies can also monitor their health and measure their oxygen saturation during infection. She advised that pregnant patients shall have to follow Covid-19  protocol  and be cautious about nutrition too.

Dr Rizvi emphasised on  timely identification of infection for treatment and appealed expecting mothers not to hide infection because such behaviour would put lives of other people in danger.

During pregnancy, Covid infected women  shall isolate herself in both  symptomatic or asymptomatic situations, Dr Masooma Rizvi told while talking about pandemic and precautionary measures for pregnant ladies. She advised their families to passionately help them during the difficult period at home.

Regarding medical examination and requirement of investigations during pregnancy, Dr Rizvi said that such women shall seek advice from doctors through Tele consultancy and informed that under e-Sanjeevni OPD, different Gynaecologists of Lal Ded Hospital are providing consultancy to expecting ladies from 10am to 4pm every day on telephone.

Dr Rizvi said that govt has provided facilities for pregnant women in Covid and non-Covid hospitals in every district, so pregnant women shall not conceal their corono virus  infection if they have symptoms or have tested positive. “It is necessary for every patient to have Covid negative report with her while visiting a hospital”,  adding that Covid tests are also conducted by the hospital at the time of admission. The Gynaecologist said that some Covid positive pregnant patients reach hospital at the time of emergency and added at such a critical point such patients are to be treated at the hospital to save life.

“We have examined and treated almost six hundred such patients during the out break of pandemic”,  Dr Rizvi stated. “If a covid positive pregnant woman reaches to our hospital in advance, she is referred to Covid hospital depending the intensity of infection”, doctor informed and further added “It is better to take Covid positive patients to identified Covid hospital to avoid spread of infection in non-Covid hospitals”.

Regarding vaccination for pregnant ladies, she said that the Government of India has not given permission for such women till now. The recommendation are very strong for vaccination, once the Government gives formal permission,  then they can go for it, she added.

She further requested that a healthy attendant should  accompany a patient to avoid crowding in hospitals and help in containment of virus.

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