Closing schools only will not help: NC

Srinagar:  Alleging that government is conveniently overlooking unmanaged rush at public places and parks, the National Conference (NC) said closing schools only would not help to curb emerging COVID-19 second peak.

The NC on Wednesday rued the government for failing to take quick and decisive steps to check the emerging second peak of COVID-19, saying the selective approach in terms of closing schools alone won’t help stop the viral sprawl.

Expressing concern over the increased viral cash load and new infections, NC spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said, “As COVID cases surge to fearsome levels across the country, the positive rates in Jammu and Kashmir are also picking up exponentially. Setting off a shutdown of the public, and private school system is what the government has come up with, while as government functions continue unabated. This is not a uniform answer to the emerging situation. It is not just the gathering in schools children which is stocking community transmission of the coronavirus; the unmanaged rush at public places including parks and gardens in Kashmir is also a point of concern which the incumbent administration has conveniently overlooked.  It goes without saying that the approach is flawed and inconclusive”.

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