NC MP asks GoI to redeem all pledges made to JK people

Srinagar:  National Conference on Wednesday said in order to foster long lasting peace in Jammu and Kashmir, it is inevitable for New Delhi to redeem all solemn pledges made to its people from time to time.

While while addressing a gathering of party functionaries from three constituencies of Bandipora, NC MP Mohammad Akbar Lone said the dream of putting the region back on the track of peace and development is unattainable unless New Delhi redeems all its promises which it had made to the people of Jammu and Kashmir since 1947.

“People of Jammu and Kashmir have made it known to the people at the helm of power at New Delhi about the inevitability of delivering on twin planks of development and restoration of all abridged rights back in a democratic manner through DDC elections.  The overwhelming mandate of the people has obliquely shown their detestation for the measures of August, 5 2019. Ruling BJP’s unilateral, undemocratic and unconstitutional move on Kashmir has pushed Jammu and Kashmir towards an uncharted territory of uncertainty and chaos,” he said.

Lone said measures taken by Delhi on August 5, 2019 are in contravention to the successive agreements between the union of India and the state.

“All the solemn pledges right from the Delhi agreement of 1952, and successive Beg-Parthasarthy accord were also thrown to winds while taking the drastic steps of August 5.  Far from delivering on its promises and pledges, the ruling dispensation chose to back-peddle on them in a manner not so characteristic of the country’s democratic values and supremacy of constitution and due procedures established by it,” he said.

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