By: Syed Mustafa Ahmad.

I think one of the aims of life is to remain happy. Everyone wants to be happy throughout his or her life.One is ready to face despair, but it becomes very difficult to carry on when despair doesn’t seem to go away. This is exactly happening with us. We smile because we are forced to smile. we are in search of happiness. The happiness that ispermanent. But this is not possible.However, the main concern is that who snatched happiness from us? Who has promised us despair? Why are others happy? What is the way out to be happy?  These are some basic questions that hauntus day in and day out. I have been trying to come to a conclusion but of no avail. Nevertheless, I would like to throw some light over the causes of despair.

First  is materialism. We only want material. For this, we can do anything. If, by chance, we fail to get it, we fall into the depths of despair. It is a well-known fact that materialism is curse, if it takes extreme shape. Extreme shape in the sense; when the only motive of life becomes materialism and the other things take backseat. Religious and non-religious scriptures abhor the large accumulation of  material things. They want you to rise above these things. The main motive of life is self introspection. It is self introspection that will prepare  ground for God realization. At this stage, a person’s concern is to feel contented. He does not want more than those things that fill his basic necessities. This mindset and the way of living is an asset.

Second  is that we work against the divine principles. The divinity is clear in declaring that this world is a fun. It is created for you but you are created for something else. But we have changed this divine rule. We think that we are created for the world and the next world is a mirage. Let us enjoy the moments that are in our luck. But this is a false mentality. If the Creator says that this world is not all about happiness but a testing ground for exploring the self-realized personalities, then there is no logic in saying that I am not happy in this world. The foundation says sadness and you expect happiness. This paradox won’t allow anyone live in peace. Until and unless, we make peace with the realities of life, there is no hope of getting permanent happiness. So, in order to be happy, we have to open our eyes and ponder over the realities of the world.

Third  is imitation. We never live our lives. However, it is good to take the best things from others and implement them in life,  so that we can live good lives and prepare the ground for the coming generations. But it makes no sense when we go on imitating others blindly Everyone is free in this world. The world is an open chapter.  Nature has given us open choice to choose what you want. Nature doesn’t force anyone to do this or not. In fact, it motivates us to do something for ourselves. It is up to us to make the best of moments. If my mindset says that society should follow this principle in order to achieve this, why should I follow others in this way? Yes, I will accept the suggestion of others, if any but I won’t allow my mind to become habitual of imitation. I will live according to my marvelous brain, heart, body, etc. But if a person goes on living the lives of others, somewhere down the line, he will feel suffocated and the clouds of despair will engulf from all the sides. It is happening with us. We have forgotten ourselves. Our identity is lost. We are living the lives of others. We are physically, mentally, socially and  economically slave to some visible and invisible forces. This mindset should be  changed in order to get permanent happiness. We have to start living our lives.

Fourth is pessimism. At the moment of a slight disturbance, we lose all  hope and become pessimistic. All the work done in an optimistic field falls flat. This attitude is very harmful. Unless and until, we don’t go through the darkest tunnels of the life, how can we enjoy the brightest days. It is these darkest tunnels that help in realizing that make a personality. But our condition is so unique that we are not ready to go through this experience. We want ease. And when it doesn’t come, our faces fall and we fall in despair. Mahesh Bhatt once said that his mentor advised him that the real motive of life is to live as it comes. There is no escape. You can’t think of things in vaccum. Things are here. If you are ready to live, go through this life. Fall down and get up is the objective of life.

The above mentioned things make it clear that for the sake of happiness, there is no magical wand. We have to live our lives according to the divine plan. It is because the divine plan is time tested. Despair won’t last for a long time, if the divine plan is executed in letter and spirit. The need of the hour is to find ways to be happy. Let us try to leave pessimism and embrace optimism so that happiness is back in our lives. It leaves us when we don’t Know its value. So, value and cherish it as much as you can.

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