Bone Marrow Cancer, most expensive and deadly disease

Son dying, father wailing

By: Bashir Bhat

One of our neighbor 17-years old Shabir Ahmad Reshi R/o Gund Hassi Bhat, Srinagar — is suffering from ‘Bone Marrow Cancer’ disease. The family is shattered. His father is a labour by profession and working hard to make the two ends meet.

“When I first came to know that he had ‘bone marrow cancer’, I felt I had fallen from the sky to earth at once. The family was totally shuttered,” said Shabir’s father Ghulam Ahmed Reshi.

Shabir is the only brother among four sisters.

He said they came to know that their son was suffering from the disease very recently.

“A week before the Nowroz festival, my son had high fever. We consulted the doctor, who prescribed some medicines. However, when the fever did not go, I started worrying. We went to SHMS Hospital and they also gave medicines and suggested a few tests immediately,” he said.

Reshi said after tests they came to know their only son was suffering from Bone Marrow Cancer.

Shabir is now admitted in ward No 4P at SKIMS Soura.

“People often call me and enquire about the condition of my son. How can I tell them that my son is dying in front of me? I am restless and I am in pain, I may die too,” Reshi said.

Shabir had recently qualified matriculation with good numbers.

“We were happy as our child was the first matriculate in the family. We would eat less and remain happy if he survives,” Reshi said adding, “Our celebrations were short lived”.

With tears in his year, he prayed for the recovery of his son. “I have full faith in Almighty and hope that my son recovers from this deadly disease”.

The Reshi family is totally shattered and in distress.

The boy has grown in front of me. He has good height, cheerful and little humor and good approach of sensibility.

Since Shabir’ treatment is expensive, I feel the society must contribute voluntarily so that the young boy can be treated and the family does not face any hiccups on his medical treatment.

We should contribute to keep the Reshi family’s hope alive.

Charity begins at home! Whatever I could, whatever I can, I did it. Now it is your turn! Please help this young man in recovery!


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