Sticky bombs a problem: IGP

Srinagar: Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kashmir Vijay Kumar  Monday said sticky bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) are a problem during the Amarnath yatra, commencing from June 28.

“Sticky bombs are of course a problem but situation is not alarming. We will deal with it effectively and ensure peaceful pilgrimage,” Kumar told reporters during a press conference here today.

“Our officers are going on the ground to physically check for security lapses and to see whether additional forces are required or where drones can be used… where equipment can be placed and which areas require setting up of 24-hour checkpoints. We are fully alert, and there will be fool-proof security arrangements,” the IGP said while replying to a question about the threat of sticky bombs during the yatra.

He said this time the yatra routes will not be left unsecured even during the night. “There will be deployment… like during day we have Road Opening Parties (ROPs), similarly during night there will be mobile vehicle patrolling. Night Vision Devices (NVD) and drones will also be used”.

To counter sticky bombs, Kumar said security vehicles will be fitted with 360-degree cameras and distance will be maintained between civilian and yatra vehicles.

“I am sure the public will support us fully. There will be a time factor also. The yatra vehicles will not be allowed in a mix-way,” he said, adding the Amarnath Yatra will be monitored through CCTV cameras and drones round-the-clock.

Referring to the security situation in Kashmir, Kumar said the focus of the security forces was to maintain an atmosphere of peace.

“We would like to maintain two things… The schools and colleges should not be closed which can happen only when there is no incident and the atmosphere is good. Second, we would like to create such an atmosphere that tourists come here in huge numbers so that people here get employment and earn money,” he added.

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