U K Coronavirus variant found in cat in northern Italy

Rome:  Italy’s Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute (IZSPLV) has detected the UK coronavirus variant in a domestic cat from northern Novara province, marking the first such case in the country.
According to the IZSPLV, the variant was found in an eight-year-old European shorthair male cat.
The pet started exposing symptoms some 10 days after his owners tested positive for COVID-19 and self-isolated at home. The pet owners immediately called a veterinary service.
Veterinarians took a swab from the cat and handed it to the IZSPLV, which later detected the UK virus variant in it.
Both the cat and his owners are now “on the road to recovery,” according to the research institute.
Following the first discovery of the virus variant in a cat, health authorities of the northern region of Piedmont assured the public that there is no cause for concern, as there is no evidence that pets can transmit COVID-19 to humans. (Sputnik)

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