Hyderpora residents appeal admin to repair roads


Precious Kashmir News

Srinagar, Aug 22: The Hyderpora residents have appealed the administration to repair the dilapidated roads in the area.

The residents say almost the entire road stretch in Syed Hyder Colony, Masjid Muhammad and various other roads in the area are in shambles.

“The road leading to Masjid Muhammad Syed Hyder Colony from Main road Hyderpora which is considered a vital has developed potholes which makes the road unfit to use. In the event of rainfall the entire stretch becomes muddy and slippery risking the lives of commuters,” they said.

The residents appealed the administration to come to their rescue by addressing this problem and provide them a better road connectivity.

They urged the administration to undertake immediate repair of the roads in the area.  (CNS)

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