Filling 28 IPS vacancies: UPSC points out deficiencies in proposal submitted by J&K Govt

Filling 28 IPS vacancies: UPSC points out deficiencies in proposal submitted by J&K Govt

Nasir Azam

Srinagar, June 29: The Union Public Service Commission has pointed out certain deficiencies in the proposal submitted by the J & K Government for induction of State Police Service officers into prestigious Indian Police Service, sources disclosed.

Authoritative sources told news KNO that during preliminary scrutiny of the proposal, the Commission has found some minor deficiencies/ shortcomings and written to the J&K government to rectify them. “They have found deficiencies like variation in spellings of names of officers on documents, few Annual Performance Reports without attestation and some other minor shortcomings,” they disclosed. According to sources, the J&K government is in the process of rectification of these deficiencies and would communicate the same to UPSC soon.

A source revealed that selection committee meeting to clear the proposal may take place next month. “We are hopeful that meeting would be convened in July,” he said, adding that J&K government is keen to fill the vacancies as soon as possible.

The Selection Committee comprises of representatives from UPSC, MHA and J&K government.

As exclusively reported by Kashmir News Observer, Jammu and Kashmir’s Indian Police Service(IPS) cadre is without a single State Police Service(SPS) officer after Ahfad-ul-Mujataba was appointed as member of Public Service Commission.

The peculiar situation has arisen due to non- filling of vacancies of promotion quota over the past 10 years owing to a host of reasons including litigation and non-fixation of seniority.

As reported earlier J&K Home department has submitted a proposal to UPSC and Ministry of Home Affairs for induction of 28 officers of Jammu & Kashmir Police Service into IPS.The proposal was submitted after MHA determined 28 vacancies for these years- 08 for 2010, three vacancies for 2011, 08 vacancies for 2012 and 09 vacancies for 2013.

The process of filling vacancies in promotion quota came to halt from 2010 due to different issues including seniority dispute and litigation. As per rules, the process of induction into IPS starts from the determination of the vacancies by the Central Government against the promotion quota of any state.

After determination of vacancies, the State Government concerned forwards a proposal to the UPSC containing the details/records of the State Police Service officers in the order of their seniority.

After submission of the proposal, the UPSC convenes a meeting of all the three stake holders- UPSC, Centre and State- which is known as ‘Selection Committee Meeting.

The selection committee scrutinizes the records/ ACRs and other details of SPS officers thoroughly and as per the provisions of Regulation 5(4) of the promotions Regulations—(KNO)