After Ladakh, China eyeing Pakistan border

After Ladakh, China eyeing Pakistan border

Jaisalmer, Jun 26: After the Ladakh stand-off, China is now putting all it’s focus on the International Border adjoining Jaisalmer, in a bid to ‘encircle’ India through the Pakistani soil.

China, which has major oil and gas projects in Pakistan, is also helping its ‘all-weather friend’ to build road networks close to the Indian border adjoining Jaisalmer.

Over the past months, China was helping Pakistan to build new airports, in the shadow of these projects. The recently-built Kadanwari Airport is close to Munabao village in Barmer district and Shahgarh Bulge of Jaisalmer.

Apart from this, a new airport is being constructed at Mithi across the border in front of Gujarat and efforts were being made on the western border to build a network of railway lines and roads in the name of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

While providing ammunition and weapons to Pakistan, China is also trying to strengthen it’s strategic position along the Rajasthan border.

According to sources, China has invested more than Rs 30,000 crore in the Pakistan border with India. China has created its own territory inside Pakistan to thrive and protect its companies, where even the Pakistan nationals cannot go without asking.

More than 30 Chinese companies are engaged in construction work, in addition to oil and gas exploration on the 1,025 km border with Rajasthan.

The border of Pakistan with India is occupied by big companies, including the state-run China National Engineering Company, among others.

China is running its largest oil and gas project in the Thar Desert. Even a part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor passes through the border area, on which China has spent nearly a 100 billion dollars so far.