Life In Unlock 1.0 Or Lockdown 5.0 

Life In Unlock 1.0 Or Lockdown 5.0 
Doctor, nurses, police personnel, soldiers, ministers, top bureaucrat, and the common people, the novel coronavirus has spared none across the globe and Jammu and Kashmir is no exception. Latest in the list of those infected in J&K in a bureaucrat who remained on the forefront of what is described by many as war against globally ravaging pathogen. It has infected more than 6,176,000 people and claimed more than 371,000 lives across the world as on early May 31.
The Jammu and Kashmir’s share to the global count of the cases has been around 2400 and 28 as regards deaths—27 from Kashmir and three Jammu.
Of late, there has been a surge in cases and unfortunately, more than hundred of them are added up daily in last five days—over seven hundred. Amid this surge, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued fresh guidelines for a way out towards future and comes days after Financial Commissioner, Health & Medical Education Department, informed J&K high court that the directions on all issues of COVID-19 are issued by Ministry of Home, GoI, which have been complied with by the local government. It other words, it means J&K Government would follow MHA squarely and allow all activities as are being done national. The new guidelines allow extensive relaxations including opening of religious places and shopping malls besides hotels, restaurants and other hospitality services in a phased manner from June 8.
Some people have called the new MHA guidelines as lockdown 5.0 and others as unlock 1.0. Whatever be the nomenclature, matter of the fact remains India is opening up and more and more areas are being allowed to resume functioning. Now, people no more need passes to travel which indicates to the acceptance of the new reality or normal: life has to go on amid virus.
Given the statement made before the high court, J&K would follow the MHA in toto but can “ascertain and define a containment zone.” For now, the J&K government has decided to continue with the guidelines and instructions issued on May 19 and 24 respectively. However, while the lockdown shall continue in containment zones till June 30, the J&K government in compliance to the MHA may declare more areas under this category amid surge in the cases.
Though the government claims that the situation is under control, it needs to be on high alert and those at helm of affairs along with hospital authorities need to work at creative solutions to deal with the patient influx as the situation may demand.