Security Beefed Up In Kashmir On The Eve Of Trump’s Visit To India 

Security Beefed Up In Kashmir On The Eve Of Trump’s Visit To India 

Srinagar: Security has been beefed up in the summer capital, Srinagar, and other parts of Kashmir valley to foil any attempts by militants to cause disruption and carry out attacks on the eve of US President Donald Trump’s visit to India.

Jammu and Kashmir Police said that security forces have take all measures to prevent militants from carrying out any subversive activities during President Trump’s visit to India on Monday. Meanwhile, All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee (APSCC) on Saturday said that the visit of President to India from Monday leads to fear psychosis and panic among Sikhs living in the Kashmir valley. “The whole India seems to be busy in making preparations for Trump’s visit, but for Sikhs of Kashmir the visit has brought with it fears that the members of community are yet again on the radar,” chairman of APSCC Jagmohan Singh Raina said in a statement here this afternoon.

Official sources said that security forces have been put on high alert across Kashmir, including Srinagar, on the eve of President Trump’s visit.“Security forces have been deployed in strength in the city, including civil lines, and other parts of Kashmir to prevent any militant attack. Forces have established checkpoints on the roads leading to Srinagar from other districts of the valley,” they said.

They said the vehicles at the checkpoint are being checked and passengers onboard are being frisked before allowing them inside the city.

“Militants always try to create disturbance during high-profile visit of a foreign dignitaries to India. But, we are taking all necessary measures and are hopeful that this visit (President Trump’s visit) will pass off peacefully,” Director General of Police (DGP) Dilbag Singh said.

Mr Singh on Saturday expressed satisfaction over the progress of anti-militancy operations, saying 25 militants have been killed in 12 operations since January while 250 are still active in Kashmir valley.

Reiterating appeal to militants to shun the path of violence and join mainstream, he said over 45 OGWs have been arrested since January this year in the valley.

Mr Raina said the Sikhs are feeling insecure and they fear that something untoward might happen on the eve of USA President’s visit.

He said that the scars inflicted on Sikhs of Kashmir during the visit of former USA President Bill Clinton are yet to be removed even after 20 years. Raina said that although 36 Sikhs of Chattisinghpora were killed in March 2000 during Clinton’s visit, but till date the people who carried out the crime are yet to be identified.

“It is highly unfortunate that neither the Government of India nor the successive state governments have reached to any conclusion with respect to identifying the killers of Sikhs at Chattisinghpora. The people at helm have just been making claims and truth of the matter is killers continue to roam free,” alleged Raina.

The APSCC Chairman said “the episode of Chattisinghpora was followed by a fake encounter at Brakpora in Anantnag district in which five persons were killed. This was followed by 10 persons killed after security forces opened fire on the people protesting against the fake encounter.

He said during the visit of former US President Barrack Obama panic was created as well, but fortunately nothing untoward happened.

Ministry of home affairs issued an advisory note asking minorities to remain alert from imminent threat during the visit of USA president Brak Obama visit to India.

Sikhs living in North and South villages of  Kashmir on the eve of Obama’s visit and there was fear as well as chaos among the community. We can expect the same on the eve of Trump’s visit as well and as such people need to be vigilant about the same,” said Raina.

The APSCC Chairman demanded that a fair, thorough and impartial probe should be carried in the Chattisinghpora episode so that the killers are brought to book and then action is taken against them. He said the other incidents in which Sikhs were killed should also be probed so that real picture comes to the fore.