Alarming figures

The assertion of the Ministry of Home Affairs that Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed 60 incidents of violence in the first two and a half months of 2018 is not good news. As many as 60 incidents of violence have taken place in Jammu and Kashmir this year in which 15 forces personnel and 17 […]

Trump-Kim meet: Hopes rise for a calmer Asia

Sunanda K Datta Ray Two of the world’s most dangerously flamboyant showmen are planning to meet some time before the end of May. If the meeting does take place, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un will pirouette on a diplomatic catwalk in a calculated game of international one-upmanship. Since China has welcomed the move to restore […]

Unhealthy Binaries

  Meeta Rajivlochan , M. Rajivlochan As India moves towards creating structures for universal healthcare with the National Health Protection Scheme, we need to get rid of some bugaboos that have kept important providers of healthcare out of the purview of public good in India. The first, most deep-rooted misleading belief, is that private practitioners […]

Ground situation grim

Kashmir Interlocutor Dineshwar Sharma has said that the cycle of violence in Kashmir has pained him and he is hopeful about summer being peaceful as many people, especially the youth, have assured him of working as peace ambassadors in the state. Since the day Sharma has been appointed as the Interlocutor he has met number […]

India’s weak China policy can spell havoc

  Anand K Sahay Recent steps of the Narendra Modi government to go out of the way to appease Beijing can only lead to the entrenchment of unhealthy ties with our northern neighbour. This would be singularly unfortunate because there is some merit in the view — held by some of our prominent foreign policy […]

Migration is a successful climate adaptation strategy

  Alex Randall After a particularly bad year for rainfall, Miguel told a group of researchers that he was leaving Mexico for the US. This wasn’t a permanent move he explained, he would be back. In fact, he’d made the move several times before. “The only solution is to go away, at least for a […]

Trading accusations

Pakistan and India are fighting over Kashmir at the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva. Pakistan’s UN deputy permanent representative in Geneva Tahir Andrabi said at the heart of the Kashmir problem is the right to self-determination which was conceded by “the first Prime Minister of India, one of the founding fathers of India” […]

No university can survive in a society riven with strife

A G Noorani If not a wreck, the university is in a shambles in India. Legal compulsions facilitate intrusion of politics. A college can be set up by a registered society. A university can be set up only by law. It alone can confer on it a legal personality. Legislators rob it of autonomy. The […]

How law enforcement agencies work in India

  Aakar Patel The Central Bureau of Investigation is our elite instrument against crime. Like America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, the CBI was formed to tackle something specific. The FBI initially was set up to go after Communism, the CBI was meant to take on corruption. So how effective is it actually? We hear of […]

Education system hit

The educational institutions which were to open after 3-month long winter break in Kashmir continue to remain closed as government apprehends that students may hit the streets, which could lead to law and order problems/ The schools and colleges were set to reopen on March 5 but government extended their closure for a week after […]

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