More of the dismal same

Prabhat Patnaik Economics has never been a strong point of the NDA government. Its only two major economic forays, demonetisation and the GST, have both turned out to be pretty disastrous. It was futile, therefore, to expect much from the Union Budget for 2019-20. Even so, one is surprised by the budget’s lack of engagement […]

A Different Gaze Gaurav Juyal

  “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” This iconic quote from Pride and Prejudice sets the tone for the mainstream representation of women in fiction, and how female characters have always been assigned identities based on their relationships […]


Since january 2019, this topic was rolling in my mind. But I don’t know why I was unable to scribe. Momin Iqbal is my own nom de guerre. This name was suggested by my lovely teacher, uncle and my religious guide Late Allama Habibullah Wani , Kashmiri Educationist, Arabic, Zamakhshri, Alkashaf expert and scholar. He […]

Can a Corbyn-Sturgeon alliance save Brexit Britain from itself?

Jamie Maxwell At the start of June, when he was still in the running to replace Theresa May as prime minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the Conservative Party, Tory politician Michael Gove raised a nightmarish spectre for the British right. At all costs, Britain must avoid falling into the grip of a […]

The death of the political cartoon

Patrick Gathara These are not the best of times to be a political cartoonist. Last week, one of Canada’s top cartoonists, Michael de Adder, had his contract terminated by a publishing company in New Brunswick after a cartoon he did on US President Donald Trump went viral on social media. The cartoon featured the image […]

2020 will be the ‘no, we won’t’ US election

Perhaps the United States’ only true 20th century renaissance man, Vidal’s intellect was boundless, informed by his prodigious reading, writing and intimate understanding of history, philosophy, and ancient civilisations – among so many other unfashionable disciplines these days. A writer of such singular breadth, nuance and virtuosity, Vidal never shied away from using his pen […]

Selection list cancelled

Selection list cancelled

The Governor’s administration has cancelled the job selection list of Khadi Village & Industries Board (KVIB) after an inquiry panel concluded that the recruitment process suffered from multiple deficiencies and lacunae. The selection process had come under sharp criticism from different quarters after kith and kin of several political functionaries and influential ones figured in […]

3-pronged strategy for J&K

3-pronged strategy for J&K

As the President’s rule has been extended for six more months in Jammu and Kashmir there are reports that Centre has initiated a three-pronged strategy to improve political and economic environment in the state. The Centre formulating a new strategy to restore normalcy in the state is an indication that Assembly elections in Jammu and […]

Meeting Kim at DMZ an astute move by Trump

Vishnu Prakash An iconoclast and a compulsive showman, nothing appears to be beyond the mercurial incumbent of the White House, Donald Trump, who has turned diplomatic norms and niceties on their head. Daughter Ivanka is a “beauty” and secretary of state Mike Pompeo is a “beast”. In full public view in Osaka, at the G-20 […]