A layman’s guide to SC’s Delhi verdict

K N Bhat The July 4 verdict by a five-judge Supreme Court bench (three sets of judgments running into 532 pages) and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and his party instantly hailing it as the “people’s” (meaning their government’s) unequivocal victory, was indeed historic, but also much misunderstood. Following the verdict, Mr Kejriwal’s deputy Manish […]

Growth in GDP by increasing cost of govt!

Mohan Guruswamy The truth is now staring us in the face. The latest breakdown of the sectoral contribution to growth is out. Get ready for this. Public administration, which somewhat perversely is classified as a part of services, has now grown by seven per cent over the previous quarter, making it the biggest driver of […]

Governor’s admin faces uphill task

Governor’s admin faces uphill task

The civilian killings in Kashmir are emerging as a big challenge for the government and these have to stop. The Governor N N Vohra has to ensure that security forces follow the Standard Operating Procedure in letter and spirit to avoid the civilian killings. People are hoping that situation would improve in Governor’s rule and […]

Civilization and Administrative Ethics

Shahid Majeed Mir Contemporary societies have evolved certain distinguished attributes since time immemorial. These attributes shape and reshape the makeup of society to reorient social attitudes, preferences and beliefs. Our society rests on secular and Democratic credentials where equality and liberty are inalienable to man’s life. This century rests on belief of Humanism which accords […]

Respite for govt employees

Respite for govt employees

Governor’s administration has cleared the pay anomaly file of the state government employees near after 22-years. The political regimes which ruled Jammu and Kashmir during the past two decades ignored the genuine demand of the employees and didn’t pay much heed towards their sufferings. The Governor’s administration realized the gravity of the situation and just […]

Pluralism is the bedrock of our country

Sandeep Bamzai We live in anarchic times. Giving credence to the fact that truth is nice, but rumour is priceless, a faux cultural nationalism is sweeping India, a cultural nationalism that has miasma and prevarication as its edifice. Its dangerous spin-off is mob lynchings. And if you go deeper into the concentric circle of this […]

US must work towards reviving 2+2 dialogue without any preconditions

PRADEEP S MEHTA, An oft-used phrase these days in international relations is “rules-based international order”. Essentially, it means a shared commitment by all countries to conduct their activities in accordance with agreed rules that evolve over time, such as international law, regional security arrangements, trade agreements, immigration protocols, and cultural arrangements. Recently, however, the international […]

Political uncertainty prevails

Political uncertainty prevails

Former chief minister and National Conference vice-president Omar Abdullah has reiterated that Jammu and Kashmir assembly should be dissolved to stop rumours from flying. Since the day PDP-BJP government has crumbled under its own weight Omar has been playing smart. He has distanced himself and his party from the government formation and has tried to […]

India must resist diktats from US on Iran, Russia

Abhijit Bhattacharyya What is wrong with the United States? Why is it issuing “sanction threats” to all and sundry? Why is it pressuring India against buying crude oil from Iran and the S-400 missile defence system from Russia? Such crude “gunboat diplomacy” by this superpower is saddening. Indeed, it is time for India to stand […]