Undo the wrong

  Faizan Mustafa The controversial judgment on the SC/ST Atrocities Act has yet again brought to the foreground the faultlines of our democracy. A cornered government, anticipating political repercussions, has moved the apex court for a review of the judgment. In its written submissions, it has stated that the judgment has created disharmony in society […]

Silk Rearing in Kashmir

Silk has been one of the cherished heritages of Jammu and Kashmir. Fact remains that the queen of the fabrics, Kashmir Silk has ever cherished the passion of consumers for its lustre, purity and fineness. During the medieval times silk production in Kashmir received a big boost with Sultan Zain-ul-Abideen also known as ‘’Budshah’’ (the […]

India & Commonwealth: Renewal or burial?

Talmiz Ahmad As Prime Minister Narendra Modi joins the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in London on Thursday, he will be India’s first Prime Minister to attend this forum since 2009. As the Commonwealth now sees itself at a major turning point in its chequered life of over a century, there will be much […]

The ultimate triumph of Ambedkar

  Surendra Kumar Some years back, while delivering a memorial lecture at New Delhi’s India International Centre, historian Ramchandra Guha claimed that while national leaders’ hold on the public psyche usually declines drastically after their death, Ambedkar looms 10 times bigger after his death than in his lifetime! Many in the audience appeared to be […]

Uncomfortable alliance

When late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed forged an alliance with the BJP he had in mind to end the prolonged regional discrimination and divide. He had in his mind that sharing power with the BJP would mean giving representation to both the regions. But the developments which have taken place during the past three years indicate […]

India’s exam system needs an overhaul, not just tinkering

  Devi Kar The recent CBSE question paper leaks are indicative of a deep-rooted and serious disease in our examination system. But all we do is to try and identify the culprits and think of strategies to prevent further leaks. We have observed the same knee-jerk reaction in other areas. A child gets molested in […]

The child rape cases that shook Indian politics

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay For days public discontent in India was simmering over the mishandling of two child rape cases. Over the weekend, anger boiled over and thousands took to the streets in several cities across the country to protest perceived inaction by the Indian authorities. Celebrities, writers, academicians, rights activists, lawyers and other professionals rubbed shoulders […]

Junk foods ringing alarm bells

As junk foods have become important feature of the eating menu round the world, Kashmiris too are substituting their traditional diet with items like snacks, chips, chocolates, sweets and cakes and could prove dangerous for the health of the young generation. The trend has, over the years, picked up in the valley with people, children […]