Welcome proposal

  A panel constituted by the government to upgrade the education system in the Valley has recommended 33 percent reservation of seats in private schools for economically and underprivileged children. The panel, Knowledge Initiative, has suggested a series of private public partnership to uplift educational standards. The increased reservation of seats is in line with […]

Bank frauds: Gujarat model’s underbelly

  Aakar Patel Nirav Modi joins the list of smart young Gujarati men, including Harshad Mehta, Hiten Dalal, Jatin Mehta and Ketan Parekh, each of whom has taken thousands of crores from taxpayers in the last few years. I say taxpayers because though the money vanished from public sector banks, it is the citizen’s money […]

Wait continues

Weatherman predicting fresh rain and snowfall in Kashmir has brought smiles on the faces of people in Kashmir. They are eagerly waiting for prediction to come true. Till now upper reaches have witnessed only a meager snowfall and it has already created panic among the people. This year Kashmir witnessed one of driest Chillai-Kalan mush […]

The price of aircraft & the price of power

  Abhijit Bhattacharyya I joined as director in the ministry of civil aviation and tourism on February 17, 1992. That was the time when the monopoly of the two state carriers, Indian Airlines and Air India, was nearing its end, and a new era of private operators was about to begin. There was chaos and […]

NGOs should not be allowed to operate above the law

  Sienna Merope-Synge The backlash against Oxfam continues to grow, but the scandal is just the tip of the iceberg of unaccountable “humanitarian” action in Haiti. In the wake of revelations that its staff solicited prostitutes in post-earthquake Haiti, Oxfam has pointed to an internal investigation that led to senior employees resigning or being fired, […]

Politicising Rohingyas

The Chief spokesman of ruling Peoples Democratic Party Rafi Mir in a veiled attack on its coalition partner Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has asked the saffron party not to communalize the stay of Rohingya Muslims in Jammu saying the refugees from Myanmar were “protected under international laws” to which government of India is a signatory. […]

Fiscal Discipline

The Jammu and Kashmir government has finally decided to expedite resource utilization as the Finance department has issued comprehensive guidelines to enforce fiscal discipline. The fiscal discipline would ensure that officials don’t indulge in over spending and unwanted ostentations, which lead to lot of money being drained from the state ex-chequer. According to the recent […]

PNB-Nirav scam: Will we learn the right lessons?

  Sandeep Bamzai My head is spinning with an onslaught of the alphabet soup. Truth, it is said, has a mind of its own, and it always manages to emerge from the cracks, and be heard. More than that, its echoes are inherent in the questions that people ask and they always reverberate loudly. The […]

Canadian bathos: Justin Trudeau’s vote-banks

  Udayan Mukherjee That domestic politics often trumps the enlightened pursuit of national interest abroad is not news. In most countries, especially democracies, the cultivation of narrowly-based domestic constituencies for electoral reasons has its unfortunate consequences for the conduct of foreign policy. Delhi’s perennial focus on elections of one kind or another makes its leaders […]

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