India’s Changing Transport Landscape

  Nitin Gadkari The progress of a country is closely linked to the efficiency with which it transports its man and material. A good transport system aids economic growth by providing essential connectivity between available resources, centres of production and the market. It is also a vital factor in promoting balanced regional growth by ensuring […]

Stage set for faster Economic Development

  *K R Sudhaman India, which accounted for 23 per cent of World GDP in the 18th century, became impoverished during nearly two centuries of British colonial rule. But it has come a long way since independence in 1947 to become a major emerging economy and World’s largest democracy. As the nation celebrates its 70th […]

Unfair decision 

Unfair decision 

Jammu and Kashmir government turning down the recommendation of the State Human Rights Commission to provide compensation to Farooq Ahmed Dar, who was tied to the bonnet of an Army jeep and then used as a human shield has drawn flak. The Amnesty International has slammed the J&K government for turning down the recommendation of […]

Dark winter again 

Dark winter again 

The unscheduled power cuts during the past one month have made the lives of people miserable. Entire Kashmir is up in arms against the Power Development Department (PDD). Metered and non-metered areas are facing pesky power cuts. The tall claims which PDD had made about providing uninterrupted power supply to metered areas stand punctured. According […]

Delhi’s foul air: Alarm bells for India’s health

Patralekha Chatterjee Does Delhi’s winter of discontent, its headline-grabbing smog, really matter? Should someone living thousands of kilometres away, in another part of the country, care about the troubles of India’s capital as we choke and as our children grapple with severe respiratory diseases and get used to spending more and more time indoors? The […]

India on the path to make affordable care available to all

Savita Verma With Indian doctors’ prowess giving foreigners a confidence to seek treatment here, India has come a long way since independence in healthcare. The country has a booming medial tourism industry, coupled with improved score in health indicators like life expectancy, infant mortality and fertility rate. India now has a strengthened network of primary […]

Save medicos first

Save medicos first

Reports about doctors and paramedics deployed at hospitals testing positive for Swine flu have created ripples in Kashmir. The common man is of the opinion if doctors are not safe then one can imagine the plight of the people. It’s really unfortunate that authorities have not given Flu shots to the medicos. This has put […]

The great Indian fire sale

Sandeep Bamzai The kerfuffle over the twin balance sheet problem afflicting India’s financial system is not going away in a hurry. Over-leveraged corporates and banks encumbered with those bad assets have acted as a drag on the earnings for both segments of the economic vector. Companies have gone under, unable to deal with the burden […]

The Machiavellian Prince: Welcome to Salman Arabia

Marwan Bishara You’ve got to admire Mohammed Bin Salman’s stamina and drive. The ambitious, adrenaline-pumped young prince is fighting a major war next door, while instigating diplomatic crises abroad and cracking down on powerful detractors at home. And yet he still finds the time to curtail the influence of the religious establishment and chart a […]

Confronting the challenge of mounting waste

Sudhirendar Sharma   Mini-mountains of accumulated untreated urban waste are common sights in most big and medium cities and towns in the country. Waste dumps greet visitors to any city, reflecting the rapidly rising prosperity in each bit of trash at the waste dump. With cities having literally failed to develop effective ways to dispose […]