Increasing airfares can push tourists away

As the tourist influx has started to increase in Kashmir due to sweltering heat wave prevailing in other states the airline careers have sniffed an opportunity to hike the air fares to the Valley. According to the media reports the airfare on Srinagar-New Delhi route has sky-rocketed. Many prospective tourists have canceled their bookings as […]

The Ramadan Break In Kashmir

  Murtaza Shibli The recent announcement by New Delhi to halt its military operations in Kashmir that seek to kill nominally trained and armed militants and the youth that lead agitations during the military operations is a welcome move. After two years of relentless and wanton violence, mostly provoked by the illogical military response to […]

The lessons Rahul Gandhi must learn

Jawed Naqvi Monday marked the 27th anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, a sombre day for India and for the family. Rahul Gandhi recalled how his father cautioned against hate because it becomes a prison for those that carry it in the heart. It’s a useful thought to embrace for a people riven by irrational and […]

War no solution

India and Pakistan armies exchanging heavy fire on the International border in Jammu district has triggered a war like situation in the winter capital. On Wednesday five civilians were killed and thirty others were injured in Hiranagar, Samba, Kathua, Arnia and RS Pura areas of Jammu division in the shelling which continued throughout the night. […]

How Modi failed to do a Golwalkar in J&K

Sandeep Bamzai Secure under the Westphalian sovereignty rules (the principle of international law which states that each nation-state has exclusive sovereignty over its territory and that external powers should not interfere in another country’s domestic affairs), the BJP government is ring-fencing its policy drift in Jammu and Kashmir. The principle underlies the modern international system […]

Nietzsche, and his horse in K’taka

C P Surendran In Friedrich Nietzsche’s The Will To Power, the argument is that Kraft (force) is consciously exercised or sublimated to achieve Macht (power). That is what characterises his Superman (Ubermensch). Although German nationalists championed the Superman theories as these rationalised their vast acts of mindless cruelties, Nietzsche himself towards the nervously distraught last […]

The Invisible Majority

Vedeika Shekhar A recent UN report says India is on the “brink of an urban revolution”, as its population in towns and cities are expected to reach 600 million by 2031. Fuelled by migration, megacities of India (Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata) will be among the largest urban concentrations in the world. Interestingly, the 2011 Census […]

Of MLAs in lockup & desi-style democracy

Sunanda K Datta Ray A story doing the rounds during West Bengal’s recent panchayat election had a man asking if his wife had cast her vote. Assured that she had, he mused wistfully: “She died several years ago but polling agents always say she never fails to vote. I turn up every voting day in […]

Old city loses sheen

Old city which was considered to be the business hub of Srinagar has lost its sheen due to the frequent restrictions and curbs which are imposed every now and then. Traders, who could afford, have shifted their base from the old city. The businessmen who have no other option are fighting against all the odds […]

New strategies for an old partnership

P S Raghavan Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s informal summit with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Russia, on Monday is in the backdrop of global uncertainties and negative perceptions about bilateral relations. The global uncertainties are all around us. The United States and Russia are in an acrimonious faceoff in multiple conflict zones. America’s ambivalence […]

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