Of Dalai, Gandhi, Nehru & Jinnah: For monks, silence is always best

  Abhijit Bhattacharyya The Dalai Lama received the Nobel Peace Prize on Sunday, December 10, 1989, after spending 40 years as a fugitive/refugee in India, due to the hospitality and magnanimity extended by successive governments in India, irrespective of party. Did the much-maligned Jawaharlal Nehru make one of the costliest mistakes of his political life, […]

Karnah flashflood victims await help

Karnah flashflood victims await help

Flashfloods wreaked havoc at Karnah near Line of Control in Kupwara district. The devastation caused by these flashfloods has hit the shopkeepers below their belt. Independent MLA Er Rashid, who visited Karnah recently, demanded that government should compensate the sufferers on the pattern of Leh cloudburst victims. According to the media reports entire Karnah market […]

An engagement with the almighty

Sadia Dehlvi One of the five pillars of Islam is the pilgrimage of Haj. Muslims are required to make this pilgrimage if they are financially and physically able to do so. The word Haj, literally means, “to set out for a higher destination”. Haj is a set of rituals that takes place in and around […]

The story of British Pakistani men, told by a native informant

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan Two nights ago I found myself gripped by BBC Two’s new, “Lost Boys? What’s Going Wrong for Asian Men?” presented by Mehreen Baig. I was initially dubious that a one-hour documentary would be able to dissect the identity “Asian men” with much nuance, or to address them as multifaceted beings. I was also […]

Bullets no solution

Bullets no solution

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again reiterated that bullets are no solution to Kashmir problem and it can only be resolved by embracing people of the state. The PM Modi has repeated what he had said during his I-Day speech in 2017 that bullets are no solution to Kashmir. His assertion has rekindled hopes […]

A brief history of democracy

M J Akbar On 15 August 1947, at the stroke of the midnight hour, while half the world slept and the other half lay chained by colonialism, the epochal question before the Indian people switched. Till then, it was: “When shall we get freedom?” After 15 August it became: “What shall we do with freedom?” […]

A matter of confidence

  Alok Mehta The Independence Day has always been an occasion to look forward to. The fervour has only heightened since Narendra Modi became prime minister. This time, he will be speaking to a nation that feels it is on the cusp of taking off into a league of great nations — the league that […]

Substandard medicines flood Kashmir

Substandard medicines flood Kashmir

Recently Rajashtan government recently sounded an alert and declared as many as eighteen vital medicines unfit for the human consumption. According to the media reports these medicines include antibiotics and commonly used salts. The circular issued by the Rajashtan government was forwarded to J&K government also. It had asked the Drug Controller of the state […]

Vote-banks and foreigners

  Gopal Krishna Agarwal Opposition parties have sensed a chance after the release of the final draft of the NRC. Every attempt is being made to create a crisis where none exists. However, it is grossly premature to speculate on the future of those identified as illegal immigrants. Religion, region and caste have always affected […]

Raja Mandala: Breaking the Radcliffe barrier

C. Raja Mohan It is not often that China’s envoys to Delhi find time to visit Punjab. That is what Luo Zhaohui did last week. Besides wearing a turban, drinking lassi, chatting with farmers and paying obeisance at the Golden Temple, Ambassador Luo went to the Indo-Pak border at Attari-Wagah. After watching the popular flag-lowering […]

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