Dr Farooq files nomination papers for Srinagar LS seat

Dr Farooq files nomination papers for Srinagar LS seat

Srinagar, Mar 25: National Conference (NC) president Dr Farooq Abdullah filed his nomination papers for the upcoming Lok Sabha 2019 elections at the DC office here on Monday. Dr Farooq  was accompanied by his son and NC vice-president NC Omar Abdullah and others.  Elections  on Srinagar-Budgam parliamentary seat are scheduled to be held on April […]

Here’s How Binge Drinking Can Rewrite Your DNA

What does binge drinking do to your cells? That’s a question you may have never asked before, but new research suggests binge drinking could be causing enduring changes to your DNA that may, in turn, lead you to crave alcohol even more. The study was just published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research. […]

E-Cigarettes Significantly Raise Risk of Stroke, Heart Disease

Thomas Ylioja, PhD has been fielding a lot of phone calls lately. As a tobacco expert and the associate clinical director of health initiatives at National Jewish Health, Dr. Ylioja has been giving his thoughts on a slew of research that’s come out over the past few weeks regarding e-cigarettes. The electronic devices are already […]

Get Less Sleep, Feel More Pain

How even one night of bad sleep can intensify the pain you feel. It’s not uncommon to wake up aching and irritable after a poor night’s sleep. Now, a new study from the University of California, Berkeley, published in The Journal of Neuroscience explains why. It confirms that sleep deprivation has a direct effect on […]

Here’s Why You Need a Primary Care Physician

In a report published last week, researchers found that American adults with primary care physicians are more likely to receive “high value” services such as regular cancer screenings, diagnostic testing, diabetes checkups, and counseling, compared to those without primary care. These seemingly routine services can be lifesaving, especially in the case of cancer screening. But […]

Why I Didn’t Let My IBD Diagnosis Stop Me from Becoming a Mom

Jessica Caron was a carefree college student on spring break when she first noticed what would later be revealed as the symptoms of Crohn’s disease. Just 20 years old and heaing off to a relaxing week in the sun with friends on Grand Bahama Island, the symptoms hit her out of the blue: nausea, stomachaches, […]

Here’s How Your Genes Impact Your Ability to Lose Weight

A new University of Cambridge study may have an answer to the question asked by many frequent dieters: Why can some people eat anything they want and never put on any weight? In a study published Jan. 24 in the PLOS Genetics journal, university researchers in the United Kingdom compared the DNA of 1,622 thin […]

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