Why Diabetes Increases the Risk of Heart Disease

There is a link between diabetes and heart disease and the results can be deadly. So, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the American Heart Association (AHA) have partnered to both educate and motivate people with type 2 diabetes to minimize their risk for cardiovascular disease. The new, multi-year awareness and education initiative is called […]

Can Those Masks Really Protect You from Wildfire Smoke?

  Fires have led to extreme levels of air pollution across California. Experts say those little masks provide some benefits if you use the right one. The wildfires in Northern California have grown so intense that the smoke can be seen hundreds of miles away from outer space. As a result, many people, even those […]

Why the FDA Is Banning Lead from Hair Dye After 40 Years

After a petition, the FDA is set to ban the use of a lead-based neurotoxin which has been used as a color additive in some hair dyes for four decades. Studies found a lead-based ingredient used in some hair dyes was capable of contaminating the hands of its users and was unsafe for children. Getty […]

Antibiotics, Antacids Linked to Obesity Risk in Kids

Can antibiotics and antacids given to kids at a young age increase their risk for childhood obesity? That’s what a new study, recently published in the British Medical Journal Gut, suggests. The research, a collaboration between the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU) and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, found that children […]

Sorting Out the Science: Can Cell Phones Give You Cancer?

FDA officials say cell phone radiation causes brain tumors in rats but not humans. Here’s what other experts think. Using a headset is one of the ways you can reduce radiation emitted by mobile phones. Getty Images. There are certain conspiracy theories out there that have become pervasive in society. They’re usually spurred by research […]

Can You Donate Blood If You Have Diabetes or Multiple Sclerosis?

Many myths and misconceptions surround the ideas of blood and organ donation. This is especially true for patients with autoimmune diseases. Some doctors advise patients with illnesses, such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes, against donating blood. This is mostly because of medications they are taking and sometimes because of surgical implants. There is […]

Could Alzheimer’s Disease Be Caused by a Germ?

  One doctor believes it may be possible, and he’s offering a million dollars to any researcher who produces persuasive evidence in the next three years. Could the way we treat Alzheimer’s change dramatically in the near future? Getty Images Scientists are scrambling to find the mysterious source of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). But what if […]

Why People with Diabetes May Need to ‘Intensify’ Their Treatments

Despite the number of diabetes treatment options available today, researchers are saying a significant number of patients with type 2 diabetes are not seeing any significant improvements in their blood sugar levels. Referred to as “clinical inertia” in a recently published report funded by pharmaceutical giant Sanofi-Aventis, researchers state that “the proportion of people with […]

No, Sitting Isn’t as Bad as Smoking a Cigarette

Thanks to social media, popular headlines can make headway across the globe in a matter of hours, like ones claiming that sitting is as bad as smoking. But experts point out that taking a seat is still not as bad as inhaling smoke filled with harmful chemicals into your lungs. Although it’s a catchy headline, […]

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