You feel for Rabada but the law is the same for everyone

It is very easy, in the light of what has happened with Kagiso Rabada, to say that the ICC is wrong and that he should be allowed to play in a series that is producing some outstanding cricket. If emotion were to rule decision making, we might get some kind decisions but many that would […]

Australia on Rabada: ‘His arm speed is quite amazing’

Seldom within a series do opponents line up to praise a fast bowler in public. But even more seldom do they do so in the knowledge that the same bowler will not be available for the remainder of the series through suspension, meaning all their worries about giving away a “mental edge” to the opposition […]

Is Manmohan Singh an honest man?

  Mohan Guruswamy I was at the India Today Conclave in Mumbai a few days ago and heard Sonia Gandhi say that Dr Manmohan Singh was the most honest man she knew. That is also the popular perception. But honesty is not a black and white matter. There is a wide spectrum that stretches between […]

What will the Trump era bring for Palestinian refugees?

  Arafat Shoukri When the US administration announced in January that it will be withholding $65m out of a $125m aid package earmarked for UNRWA, millions of registered Palestinian refugees living in the occupied territories, Lebanon and Jordan were understandably alarmed. The refugees were not disturbed by the decision only because the budget cut was […]

E-cigarettes boost drug-resistant bacteria

Despite being labeled as a healthy alternative to cigarettes, e-ciga-rettes may increase the virulence of drug-resistant and potentially life-threatening bacteria, a study has warned.What is more, researchers found the vapour is also decreasing the ability of human epithelial cells to kill pathogens.Researchers tested the effects of e-cigarette vapour on live methi-cillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and […]

Vitamin D has limited benefits for asthma

A study has revealed that adding vita-min D to asthma treatment to improve breathing only appears to benefit pa-tients who achieve sufficient levels of the supplement in the blood.According to new research at Washing-ton University School of Medicine in St. Louis, overall, the ability to control asth-ma did not differ between a study group that […]

Tobacco dangers still surprise many smokers

Researchers have found that many smokers still find accurate and detailed facts about the dangers of tobacco both new and motivat-ing in terms of their desire to quit.One of the study’s authors James Thrasher, associate professor at the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health, said the tobacco industry systematically deceived the public […]

Bacteria in saliva may help diagnose cancer

Even bacteria present in a person’s saliva can help doctors identify pancreatic cancer and other pan-creatic diseases, a promising study indicates. Patients with pancreatic cancer have a different and distinct profile of specific bacteria in their saliva compared to healthy controls and even pa-tients with other cancers or pancreatic diseases, researchers claimed. “The findings suggest […]