2 soldiers killed in cross-LoC firing

2 soldiers killed in cross-LoC firing

Srinagar, Apr 10: Two army soldiers were killed as the armies of India and Pakistan exchanged heavy fire and shelling along the Line of Control in Jammu’s Rajouri district, officials said on Tuesday. “Pakistan Army initiated unprovoked and indiscriminate firing of small arms, automatics and mortars in Sunderbani sector along the Line of Control (LoC). […]

Daily habits that may be harming you

There are some habits that most of us have which may be harmful for you in the long run. Read on to find out more which daily habit you should avoid…There are some habits that most of us have which may be harmful for you in the long run. You are probably doing it all […]

10 breath freshening foods

  Here’s is a list of foods that freshens your breath1. Water! Water! Water!: Water is a quick and an easily accessible remedy for rapidly making that breath fresh. And it is a simple tip to follow. Just swish and swirl some water in the mouth as if you are gargling ( but softly, not […]

So important to care for your knees

  We need our knees to run, walk, squat. With research suggesting our bones are weaker than those of West-erners, here’s a quiz to test how well you are caring for your ‘hinges’Walking, running, climbing, dancing — the knees bear the brunt of every move we make throughout our lives. The main hinge between the […]

Daily exercise may help people with heart disease in family

  When heart disease runs in the fami¬ly, more physical activity may be the best defence, say researchers. Accord¬ing to the findings reported in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation, greater grip strength, more physical activity and better cardiorespiratory fitness are associat¬ed with reduced risk for heart attacks and stroke — even among people with […]

Fat-burning exercises for a very flat tummy

  If you thought only crunches can give you wash-board abs, think again. Here are some fat-burning exer-cises that are even better.Losing fat on the belly is the hardest, they say. And when you want to strengthen your core and lose the flab, most probably what comes to mind are crunches and sit-ups. But recent […]

The truth about juice diets

Of the liquid sort, we mean, as we examine the rise of the juicing fast, and what it’s really worthIf anyone thought juice diets are the stuff of Jennifer An-iston’s life, Anuj Rakyan’s balance sheet says otherwise. The Mumbai-based fitness enthusiast has, in just three months, managed to build a loyal customer base for Raw […]

Compromising the truth

Today, the BBC is integral to the propaganda machinery of Israel – and the evidence for this is out there for the whole world to see anytime Israelis go on a rampage slaughtering Palestinians as they have been doing since March 30, when people of Gaza began commemorating their Land Day. The Israeli army began […]

Fake news is dirty politics, not journalism

  Anand K Sahay F ake news” (FN), much heard about lately, is not news at all and is not part of any form of journalism. Typically, it is a part of the dirty tricks aspect of right-wing politics in many countries, as well as of intelligence outfits. The CIA has practised this dark art […]

How mainstream media gets Palestine wrong

  Mariam Barghouti by Mariam Barghouti The visual and verbal strategies of BBC for compromising the truth of what the Israelis have historically done and continue to do today are quite simple if not altogether crude and banal. They need to send their staff to get more advanced degrees in Newspeak. Their Newspeak is sophomoric […]