Don’t over sanitise

Don’t over sanitise

Dr BL Jangid


Hand sanitisers are good for killing germs and thereby keeping infections at bay. But at the same time, it’s overuse can lead to several skin problems, says Dr BL Jangid

To be precise, keeping your hands clean was amongst the first few recommendations that the global organizations suggested to the worldwide people, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The measure was specifically suggested to fight and break the chain of the coronavirus transmission that was occurring worldwide. Covering the mouth and nose were other recommendations that the world adhered to for eradicating this virus.

But as the market demand for hand sanitisers surged drastically, people also raised the question about its usefulness and effectiveness. The common question being, are hand sanitisers really safe to use? Realising the need to debunk the query, we thought of taking an initiative of highlighting several pointers related to the effectiveness of the hand sanitisers.


Go for alcohol-based



Citing the medical reports, it’s stated that the alcohol-based hand sanitisers are compelling as compared to the ordinary ones. But here’s a catch that needs to be addressed by all of us. A lot of people have also claimed that the over usage of such hand sanitisers can lead to an issue like hand dermatitis.

So it’s good to stay protected, but just assure not to overdo it as it can give birth to some other disease, raising your concern towards your overall health.


Over usage can be an



If you believe that overdoing things can always work in your favor, then you might need to rethink this. Hand sanitisers have the potential to kill the germs up to an extent. But overusing it can lead to several skin-based issues like psoriasis, dryness of the skin, rashes, eczema, dry eczema, and dermatitis.

So if you are using sanitisers, consider using it in a fixed proportion rather than overdoing it. Otherwise, it might take a toll on your healthy skin which can turn out to be a matter of concern.


Soap: A good alternative


One can simply switch to using normal soaps for washing hands if you are having any doubt about the effectiveness of hand sanitisers. Consider using an antiseptic soap especially amid this pandemic. Though remember that even soaps absorb the skin’s moisture, making it dry and itchy in some situations. Thus it’s suggested to always use a good moisturiser after washing your hands, be both sanitisers or soaps.