PM Modi warns against overconfidence in COVID-19 fight

PM Modi warns against overconfidence in COVID-19 fight

‘Masks symbols of civilised society, export of drugs upheld Indian values’

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New Delhi, Apr 26: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the people of the country were displaying grit against the global Coronavirus pandemic and were also getting success, but everyone had to keep in mind that even a little carelessness or overconfidence could prove dangerous.

“We should not be overconfident. We should not presume that COVID-19 will not enter our homes, offices and colonies. We have to stay vigilant. We should ensure that we are never negligent. I appeal to you again. ‘Do gajj doori, bahut hai zaroori, (two-meter distance is of utmost importance),” PM Modi cautioned in the 11th episode of the second section of his monthly programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

Addressing the countrymen, he said the whole world was currently facing a global crisis and India was not untouched by this but India’s position was far better than other states because the people here had taken care of themselves.

The way every citizen of the country, Central and state governments, local administration and various organisations were fighting this battle like a team, it would be mentioned in history, he extolled.

He said, “India’s fight against Coronavirus is people-driven, in the truest sense of the term. In India it is the people who are fighting the Corona; it is you who are putting up a fight … along with the people, the government and the administration are fighting as well.”

The way every citizen of the country, Central and state government, local administration and various organisations were fighting this battle as a team, it must be mentioned in the history that the whole country, every citizen of the country, people are soldiers of this fight, is leading the fight.

He said, “People have come forward to help each other all over the country, in the streets and in the streets. From food for the poor, there should be a system of rationing, compliance of lockdown, provision of hospitals, medical equipment to be built in the country – today the whole country, one goal, one direction, is going along side. ‘

The Prime Minister said every countryman was offering his sacrifice in this “Mahayagya”.

On the one hand, the farmer was sweating in the fields, on the other people were giving alms and helping the poor.

He said in this hour of crisis, the feeling of doing something for the country had united all of us with a strong thread. In view of this spirit and inspiration, the government has created a digital platform “” through which every citizen could become a Corona warrior by contributing to this fight according to his interest and time.

In a very short time, more than 1.25 billion people had voluntarily joined it. This included doctors, nurses, health workers, people from the National Cadet Corps and other volunteer organisations who were ready to contribute to this war against COVID.

Masks will become symbols of civilised society

The Prime Minister said the COVID-19 pandemic has led to many changes around us, the most prominent being having to wear a mask. “Masks have become a part of life due to coronavirus. It doesn’t mean if someone wears a mask, they are sick. Masks will become a symbol of a civilised society,” he added.

Another awareness that had been created among the people due to the COVID-19 outbreak was that spitting “is a bad habit and poses grave dangers for health. It is better late than never, so people should give up the habit of spitting. This will increase basic hygiene and strengthen the fight against the disease, he said.


“We need to wear marks. It has become a part of our daily lives. It has not happened before. But this is the new reality. Our perception about masks will change very soon. We are also realising that spitting has become hazardous. We have always been aware of it but we never cared. But now we have to work to end this habit.”


COVID drug exports upheld Indian values

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said despite a ban on exports of anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), touted as a possible game-changer in the Coronavirus fight, India had allowed export to the US and other overseas buyers and upheld Indian values.

Saying the decision to lift the restrictions were “keeping true to its culture and ethos – and upholding our cultural heritage”, PM Modi said, “During this COVID-19 crisis, when the world, including rich and prosperous nations, was facing a shortage of medicines none would have faulted if India did not provide medicines to the world and every country would understand that obviously India would prioritise the lives of its own citizens.”

He asserted, India took up the task of providing medical supplies to the needy across the world, and has successfully completed this humanitarian task of Hydroxychloroquine tablets, believed to be effective in the fight against Coronavirus.

“Today when I speak to heads of state of various countries on phone, they make sure to express gratitude to the people of India. When they say, ‘Thank you India, Thank you people of India’, we feel greater pride in our country.”

In the same vein, he said, people across the world are paying special attention to the importance of India’s Ayurveda and Yoga. Just look at the social media… how people everywhere are discussing India’s Ayurveda and Yoga to boost immunity. I am sure you all are following the Corona-related protocol to boost immunity suggested by the Ayush ministry. Warm water, decoction and other guidelines issued by Ayush ministry, would be very helpful for you if you include it in your daily routine.

He regretted that Indians have always refused to acknowledge our own strengths and glorious traditions. “But when another country of the world, says the very same thing, on the basis of evidence based research, when they teach us our own formula, we instantly accept their assertions. Possibly this is largely due to our hundreds of year long phase of bondage. Due to this, often we fail to realise our own strengths. Our self confidence wavers. That’s why instead of presenting our traditional principles with evidence based research, we just ignore them and consider them inferior,” he said.

He hoped that India’s young generation will take up this challenge.

Just as the world has happily accepted Yoga, the world will surely also accept our ages old Ayurvedic principles. Of course, the youth will have to resolve to do this and explain these principles to the world in a scientific language, so that they understand it.