High Speed Internet 

High Speed Internet 
On Tuesday last, the ban on high-speed 3G and 4G internet services was extended in Jammu and Kashmir till March 26.
As per an order issued by Home department, the administration extended the 2G mobile data service “on consideration of the overall security scenario and the reports of the law enforcement agencies inter-alia bringing out the necessity of speed related restrictions on mobile data services, and upon assessment of the available alternatives.” It was also done keeping in view “paramount security and sovereignty of the country”. The security and sovereignty beyond doubt is paramount and so are the people.
National Conference president and incumbent Lok Sabha member from Srinagar Farooq Abdullah also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging him to 4G internet services in J&K at the earliest to “ease the suffering of the people.”
Also a day after Kashmir Valley reported first covid-19 case, Amnesty International India also urged the Centre to immediately restore high-speed 4G internet services in erstwhile stet to help people in preparing against the spread of coronavirus.
The responses to corona virus cannot be based on human rights violations and a lack of transparency and censorship, it said.
“Complete internet shutdowns have also been imposed intermittently in certain areas in the guise of security. There is growing anxiety around the pandemic and unwarranted restrictions on content and dissemination of information only stands to add to the panic. Complete shutdowns or restricting of internet speed or access makes it difficult for people to navigate their way through a difficult time further undermining their trust in the authorities,” it said, underlining that human rights approach must be at the centre of all prevention, preparedness, containment, and treatment efforts to protect public health and support the most vulnerable groups.
The concerns are not out of place as the prevailing situation demands high speed internet for more awareness about the dreaded coronavirus pandemic.
In this day and age, government could have used the internet to deepen awareness about COVID-19 as information about the disease and its real-time dissemination among people is critical to fighting it.  It important to note while preventive measures are there, awareness about the disease will also help the government in fighting the disease and ultimately defeating the enemy–COVID-19.