Can Kashmir Hospitals Fight COVID-19? 

Can Kashmir Hospitals Fight COVID-19? 

Srinagar: The detection of first Coronavirus (COVID-19) case in Srinagar city has sent the alarm bells ringing and panic button has been pressed.

The administration has swung into action in Srinagar and Budgam districts, the public transport has been suspended and restrictions have been put in place to keep people confined within their homes.

On Thursday team of doctors visited areas around Khanyar, where the Coronavirus case was detected, and took the blood samples of the people for performing the Corona test.

An analyst while talking to Precious Kashmir said, “The precautionary measures being taken by the administration is a welcome step. But more important than precautions is whether our healthcare system will be able to cope up with the load to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak?”

According to the media reports the number of ventilators in Kashmir is too less and if number of patients increases it could lead to a chaotic situation.

There are reports that the staff members in the hospitals across Srinagar are facing immense shortage of the protective gear like sanitizers, masks and other things, which can keep them safe.

The analyst said, “If Coronavirus spreads in a place like Kashmir it can lead to complete chaos and confusion. It’s not only the administration which is only responsible to deal with the crisis. People too need to act with caution and care rather than blaming the administration for their woes.”

An observer said, “The Coronavirus has brought one of the most powerful countries like China on its knees so one can imagine the impact it can have in a place like Kashmir, which is already grappling with number of issues.”

He said, “The decision of the administration to keep people confined within their homes can work when people cooperate with the government. We have to restrict our activities to keep ourselves safe. We have to ensure that anyone with slight symptoms is provided adequate medical care. This is a deadly virus and it can attack anyone.”

Another analyst said, “The Jammu and Kashmir administration has announced a slew of measures to deal with the crisis which is knocking at our doors. But one thing is for sure that there are not enough facilities in our hospitals to treat the patients in case the Coronavirus spreads.”

According to the media reports there are not more than 10 ventilators in district hospitals in north and south Kashmir. Similarly hospitals within Srinagar too are ill equipped. “If the situation worsens it will be like first come, first serve basis. The patients, who won’t find place in isolation wards and facilities will be left with nowhere to go,” the analyst said.

“People should pray for situation to improve but need to be prepared to face anything. Citizens of Italy didn’t take the warnings seriously and today entire country is suffering. In such a situation precaution is better than cure,” the analyst added.