BJP trying to divert attention in YES bank crisis by dragging Priyanka’s name: Cong

BJP trying to divert attention in YES bank crisis by dragging Priyanka’s name: Cong

New Delhi, Mar 9:  Hitting out at the Union government, the Congress on Monday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ‘media friends’ are trying to divert attention from the real reasons behind the YES bank crisis, by ‘dragging’ the name of party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra into the controversy.

“Modi Ji and his Godi Media is trying to divert the attention of the country, by attempting to, in a conspiratorial fashion, raise sale of a painting 10 years ago, by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra for a cheque amount of Rs. 2 crore duly disclosed in her ITR and assessed to Income Tax”, said AICC communication in-charge Randeep Singh Surjewala.

He also said the government must stop the diversion and the smoke screens and befooling people.

“There are simple three issues to be decided and to be told to people. How did YES Bank sink? Who is responsible for letting the YES Bank sink and people’s earnings go down the drain? Was Modi Government sleeping on the wheel or was it complicit in a deliberate sinking of the YES Bank? Modi Ji, you need to answer instead of diverting the issue”, he added.

Mr Surjewala said between March 2014 to March 2019, the loans given by YES Bank went up by from Rs. 55 thousand crore in March, 2014 to an unprecedented whopping amount to Rs. 2,41,000 crore in March, 2019.

“How did the loan book of the Bank increased by Rs. 2 lakh crore sinking money of people of India and the ordinary depositors. Modi Ji, you need to tell the nation, how did the loan book of the YES Bank rise suddenly after demonetisation? In March, 2016 it was Rs. 98 thousand crores, in March 2018 it became Rs. 2,03,000 crore, how did a hundred per cent increase come about and how did the loan book of the bank in five years of Modi Government increased by 334 per cent”, he asked.

The Congress spokesperson said the Prime Minister need to tell the nation what is the BJP’s connection to the YES Bank and its owner.

“Is it not correct that till 3 days ago, Prime Minister Modi was addressing a conference in Delhi on March 6, 2020, sponsored by the YES Bank after RBI had put a moratorium fearing that the bank is sinking?”, he asked.

“Was Modi Ji taking certificate approving demonetisation from the same Rana Kapoor of YES Bank or not? There are evidence. Why did Modi Ji send his senior most Minister Nitin Gadkari Ji to house of Rana Kapoor seeking support for the BJP? What is BJP connection to the YES Bank? As the bank was sinking and as moratorium was being put, why did BJP Government led by Manohar Lal Khattar deposit Rs. one thousand crore of Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam in a sinking bank? Why did Haryana Government deposit another Rs. 1,500 crore in a sinking bank? Rs. 2,500 crores of Haryana state exchequer were put in a bank and were consequently sunk, will be decided later on”, he charged.

The Congress leader further said, “the question to be answered is- did the erstwhile Fadnavis government and its corporation also deposit Rs. 1,500 crore? The question to be asked and answered is- was selective information being leaked to certain crony friends to withdraw their money as the bank was sinking? Is it not correct that Rs. 18,000 crore were withdrawn from the bank in last 6-8 months? Is it not correct that an industrial house belonging to Gujarat and known for its proximity with Modi Ji, withdrew all its money from YES Bank, just before the moratorium was imposed?”.

Pointing at the state of economy, Mr Surjewala said, India’s stock market and economy has seen unprecedented crisis today with the stock market falling 2,400 points which is the biggest fall in India’s stock market history on a single day, wiping out 6 Lakh crores of people’s earning.

“The Rupee has fallen down to Rs. 74.04 to one dollar which is the steepest fall or low ever in the history of the country. We also saw the crude oil prices fall to all time low or 32 dollars per barrel but, petrol and diesel continue to be sold in India at Rs. 74 or 64 per litre. We also saw unprecedented hike in insurance premium on scooters, motorcycles and small cars. We also saw first IDBI Bank sink under Modi Ji’s regime, then we saw PMC Bank and people’s earning sink then we saw IL&FS sink and now we have seen YES Bank sinking and people losing their entire money”, he added.