Water war begins

Water war begins
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India deciding to stop the flow of waters to Pakistan could be a beginning of a “water war” between the two countries.
Soon after the Pulwama attack Indian withdrew the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status from Pakistan and now it has decided to stop the flow of waters to the neighbouring country. India acting tough is an indication that other actions could follow as the scope of any negotiations between the two countries seem to have vanished.
India has blamed Pakistan for carrying out the Pulwama attack. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had sought proof from India and had assured that he would take action. But India’s reply is clear that it’s not interested in any action by Pakistan.
Pulwama attack at CRPF convoy seems to have changed the complete narrative and ties between both the nuclear neighbours are at the lowest ebb at present. Till now there have been no signs of the military buildup but India has already declared a “diplomatic war” and is trying to choke Pakistan from all the sides. It looks like that India has decided to isolate Pakistan so that the rulers can tell the people that they are not acting as mute spectators.
The diplomatic offensive could lead to Pakistan also reacting and this could prove to be turning point as it would lead to a bigger confrontation. The news channels have already created “war rooms” within their studios and are even suggesting the options about how to attack Pakistan. It looks difficult that diplomatic offensive would cool the tempers at least in news studios. They want something big to happen. People who are for war seem to have forgotten that if the war breaks out it won’t spare anyone.