Qayoom Wani condemns attack on Kashmiris in Jammu

Qayoom Wani condemns attack on Kashmiris in Jammu
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Srinagar, Feb 15: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader Ab Qayoom Wani condemned the attack on Kashmiri Muslims and Durbar Move employees in Jammu by some miscreants and ill minded goons.
In a statement, Wani said that there are reports that Darbar Move employees have also been assaulted and their vehicles damaged.
He said that these miscreants are always hellbent to damage the ages old communal harmony of the state which needs condemnation from all sections of the society irrespective of caste, creed, colour, region and religion.
Wani demanded immediate arrangements for protection of Kashmiris residing at different parts of Jammu besides Durbar Move employees, their families and students so that they may feel secure along with their families.
He urged upon the Governor Administration to initiate stern action against those involved in the incident so that such type of inhuman incidents may not occur in future and ages old communal harmony and brotherhood be protected at every level.
PDP leader appealed the people from all sections of the state to play their role in maintaining peace and harmony in the state. (KNS)