Chilla-Kalan proves critics wrong

Chilla-Kalan proves critics wrong
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People of Kashmir can heave a sigh of relief as the Chilla-Kalan, 40-day harshest period of winter in Kashmir, has ended. This year Chilla-Kalan showed its true colours as Kashmir witnessed one of its wettest January months after many years.
People in Kashmir had in fact forgotten the real taste of the winter as sun used to shine even in the harshest 40-days of the winter. This year sun took the much needed break and people came to know that Chilla-Kalan still has got the power to disrupt the normal life and confine people within the four walls of their homes.
This year Srinagar recorded the coldest night of the season with mercury plummeting to nearly minus 8 degrees Celsius. It was after 28 years that the city witnessed such a low temperature. But the impact of the cold wave declined in the middle of January month when the Valley received widespread snowfall.
The wet January has replenished the water resources across Kashmir and has brightened the chances about summers being cool.
This year Chilla-Kalan has proved his critics wrong by remaining active for all the 40-days. People who used to say that Chilla-Kalan has become old were made to eat a humble pie.
Chilla-Kalan remaining hyperactive created lot of problems for the administration as the authorities were caught napping on most of the occasions. Srinagar-Jammu highway, the only road connecting Kashmir with rest of the country, has been worst hit due to the inclement weather as the people at the helm have been clueless about how to keep the highway open. On the other hand Power Development Department couldn’t do much to augment the power supply as the pesky power cuts added to the woes of people. But Chilla-Kalan did not show any mercy and kept on tickling the authorities till the last day.