Army only facilitating peace in JK: Rawat

Army only facilitating peace in JK: Rawat
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New Delhi, Jan 10: The Army has managed the situation well along the borders with China and Pakistan and there should be no cause for concern, Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat said on Thursday.
“We have managed the situation well along the northern and western borders,” Gen Rawat said while speaking at his annual press conference, adding that there should be no cause for concern.
The Army chief said the situation in Jammu and Kashmir needs to be improved further.
“We are only facilitators for peace in J&K. Situation in J&K needs to be brought under better control. We are adopting hard power and soft power approach. But the offer to militants to come over ground, look at peace is always there as who is getting affected by this? People of Kashmir themselves,” he said.
Gen Rawat further added that J&K is a bilateral issue between two nations and “there is no place for 3rd party intervention. We’ve to talk on our terms and conditions.” On talks with Hurriyat, Gen Rawat said that the Army’s position is clear about circumstances under which India can hold talks.
“Our position is very clear that, shun the gun and stop taking support from the western neighbour. Talks can happen only if they shun violence,” he said.
He further said that it is not easy to identify between a civilian and a militant.
“India Army as a professional army do not target civilians intentionally, but we do know there are terrorists operating from that soil (western neighbour) who attempt to cross the border. So, it is very difficult to identify between a civilian and a militant,” said Gen Rawat.
With the US and Russia reaching out to the Taliban in Afghanistan, Gen Rawat said, “We have interests in Afghanistan, we can’t be out of bandwagon.” “The same analogy can’t apply to Jammu and Kashmir. Talks in the state have to be on our terms,” he asserted.
The Army chief also spoke about the forces’ plan to provide for soldiers who have been disabled.
“We have identified the people and families who are genuinely disabled and created a database. We will now recognise the means that can be provided to support them. I am differentiating between a disabled and a genuinely disabled because disabilities are of many types. This year we are also going to create a database of Next of kin (NoK) who are badly of, “ said Gen Rawat.
The Army chief also said that by February-March DRDO(Defence Research and Development Organisation) has to give the final timeline as to when the ordered missile and rocket can be introduced and “if they’re failing and timelines are not being met,then we go in for the import mechanism.”