Adversity Since Childhood!

Adversity Since Childhood!
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Faizan Bashir

Inside of me will take you to a heck
of a long journey-
Where a few are able to bear with
the whole journey.
I cannot give vent to what I had
With eyes, people won’t let me
suffer anymore.
Who had been with me, who
wasn’t, the whole panorama is about who
they were.
I’m wandering in the woods of
where the gushing wind, took me
to a sadistic civilisation.
Judging by what is apparent is
you really need to change your

Wisdom In The Moment Of Difficulty!

Faizan Bashir

I wasted my momentin the process of
All of a sudden it turned out to release some
sort of indication.
I put my hands into the crippling stuff-
All of a suddenit turned out to be bluff.
The extremes, the eagerness, and the
passiveness taught me best-
That some sort of firmness lies in your chest.
The moment of trails and tribulations is
But what is learnt is all beneficial.
Some are melting like an ice-
While other’s are getting to be like the metallic
It all leans on your maturity-
that should have acquired in the moment of