Take precautions

Take precautions
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Doctors Association of Kashmir has warned that chill of winter increases the risk of high blood pressure, also known as hypertension and it increases the risk of fatal heart attacks and strokes.
Winter in Kashmir has always been harsh and people prefer to stay indoors to save themselves from chilly conditions especially during Chilla-i-Kalan, 40 day harshest period of winter. This leads to inactivity and life becomes sedentary. We need to take precautions to manage our blood pressure in the winter season.
Doctors suggest that people should reduce their salt intake and take diet rich in vegetables and fruits. And the blood pressure patients should not forget to take vitamin D.
The doctors keep on issuing the advisories in winter season but one needs to follow these instructions to save himself. There is an old saying that “precaution is better than cure” and everyone in Kashmir should adhere to this advice especially in winter months.
Recently Srinagar city recorded the coldest night in the past 28 years as mercury plummeted to minus 7.8 C. Water bodies, taps and even the water supply schemes are frozen. Only rain and snow can break this chill and till then all of us have to take precautions and follow what the doctors are saying.
Winter cannot be changed but we have to change our life styles to ensure that we don’t fall prey to the winter chill and don’t end up in a situation which could prove fatal for us. We can remain safe by disciplining ourselves and following the set of rules at least till the Chill-a-i-Kalan ends.