Chilla-i-Kalan catches authorities napping

Chilla-i-Kalan catches authorities napping
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The dry Chilla-i-Kalan has frozen Kashmir. Srinagar city recently recorded the coldest night in the past 28-years as the temperature dropped down to minus 7.8 degrees Celsius.

The Valley witnessing extremely cold conditions has led to water supply lines, taps and water bodies getting frozen. It has hit the water supply across Kashmir as taps are running dry. The officials also seem clueless about how to handle the water crisis. People are hoping that dry spell would end and so would their miseries. If the dry weather continues there is every possibility about temperatures plummeting further.

Officials have already expressed their helplessness and have made it clear that water supply lines won’t become functional till the ice breaks. So the only way out is that the Chilla-i-Kalan should give some relaxation. Snowfall only can help the people at this point of time.

Weatherman has predicted rains and snow at the advent of new-year and people are hoping that this time around his prediction comes true.

The frozen water pipes and defunct water supply schemes have once again proven that administration in Jammu and Kashmir doesn’t act till situation turns from bad to worse. It’s unfortunate that people at the helm have no vision to pre-empt what can happen in the worst case scenario. If the temperature in Srinagar drops down by 2 more degrees it could trigger the crisis which would be difficult to handle.
District administration should have kept the plan-B ready like having enough water tankers at place which could have helped in diffusing the water crisis in the Srinagar city at least. It seems people at the helm are waiting for the crisis to aggravate further so that they can make their presence felt by indulging in publicity stunts.