Schools charge fee approved by FFC only: JKJCCPS

Schools charge fee approved by FFC only: JKJCCPS
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Srinagar, Dec 26: Jammu and Kashmir Joint Coordination Committee of Private Schools (JKJCCPS) Wednesday said private schools don’t charge fee or hike it arbitrarily but follow the fee approved by Fee Fixation Committee after examining and scrutinizing its income and expenses.
President JKJCCPS Showkat M Chowdhary said the Fee Fixation Committee, as per the High Court Directions, approves the fee for a full calendar year and not on monthly basis.
He said the schools submit all the documents, income and expenses attested by Chartered Accountant, undertakings and declarations to the Fee Fixation Committee on the basis of which the fee is fixed.
“The private schools hire staff on yearly basis who are provided salary and provident funds for full year. No school hires staff as daily wagers. Accordingly, the schools charge tuition for full calendar year. The schools also make it sure that the teachers and other staff are paid properly. They also upgrade its infrastructure and other facilities on regular basis in an effort to impart quality education to the students so that they can compete not only at state or national level but at international level.”
About the transportation charges, JKJCCPS said the private schools charge for only 10 months even though they provide salary to the drivers and conductors for full year.
“Besides other charges including road tax, insurances are also borne by the schools for 12 months and there is no exemption from any authority or company to schools for the school buses during winter months. The schools only save fuel during the winter months on the basis of which only 10 months transportation fee is charged from the parents.”
JKJCCPS said transport facilities are provided to the students on no profit no loss basis.
“This facility is for the smooth transportation of the students so that they reach the schools and return back home on fixed times. It is neither prudent to say that schools will ply buses on losses.”
JKJCCPS said it is not mandatory for the parents to avail transport facility. “If parents feel the transport is not viable, they can opt out of this facility and drop the students at schools on their own.”
It said the Coordination Committee has already given clear-cut instructions to the schools not to charge arbitrarily or make unnecessarily charges.
“We have also urged parents to register their complaints with the Coordination Committee for its prompt redressal.”
JKJCCPS urged parents no to resort to media trails instead seek better education for the wards.
“In today’s modern world when competition is very high for the students, parents should exhort upon the school management to further upgrade infrastructure in terms of latest teaching aids and other facilities which should be integral part of class room.” JKJCCPS further urged parents’ association to sit with coordination committee over the issue and clear doubts, if any, regarding the fee charged from the students.
“We believe that media trials will serve no purpose but only hamper the school functioning and derail our effort to impart quality education. We will also like to invite media for open discussion and clear any doubts on the matter so that we focus on providing quality education to the students and help parents lay a strong foundation of their children.” (KNS)