Rajendra sounds alarm

Rajendra sounds alarm
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Former Jammu and Kashmir Police chief K Rajendra has stirred the hornet’s nest by claiming that withdrawal of the United States Army from Afghanistan would have a direct impact on Kashmir and militant outfits would feel emboldened.
While delivering a lecture in Pune, the former director general of police advocated stern action against Pakistan and said that the neighboring country should feel the pinch.
The former top cop said that Pakistan’s Kashmir policy is clear while India’s Kashmir policy is ambiguous. Rajendra, who served in different capacities in Jammu and Kashmir, has sounded an alarm that militancy in Kashmir may increase soon after United States pulls out from Afghanistan.
K Rajendra’s assertions cannot be brushed aside as he has seen different phases of militancy in Kashmir. He has seen the peak of militancy as well the decline of militancy. On many occasions he declared that Kashmir has been made militancy free but the militants and militancy have kept on resurfacing.
In the recent past many retired Army Generals and even the serving commanders have stated that Army only cannot bring peace in Kashmir and a political initiative is must. A consensus seems to be building at one point that dialogue only can lead to normalcy returning to Kashmir.
During the past few months more than 240 militants have been killed in gunfights with the government forces in different parts of the Valley. But many people believe that killing militants is not the solution. The gun wielding youth need to be engaged and they need to be heard. The saner voices are in favour of a dialogue and have been insisting that India should talk to Pakistan to make a beginning and the rest can follow.