Pre-poll alliance with Sajad out of question, says BJP

Pre-poll alliance with Sajad out of question, says BJP
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Srinagar, Dec 26: While People’s Conference is, day in and day out, saying that that it will contest on all 87 seats in the assembly polls, BJP Wednesday said that will be no pre-poll alliance with the PC.
While talking to a news agency, BJP’s Kavinder Gupta said that there is no question of pre-poll alliance with the PC and that if PC emerges victorious in the elections, the party might consider supporting them later.
“As of now, we don’t have any plans of pre-poll alliance with the PC, if they are saying that they will contest at all the 87 seats, let them,” he said.
Gupta said that the party (BJP) has done well in the municipal and panchayat elections and that it was hopeful that it will perform well in the upcoming assembly elections in the state.
“The recently held municipal and elections, we have performed well and we are expecting that we will do well in the assembly elections as well, we will go alone in the elections and I don’t feel that there any need of pre-poll alliance with anyone,” he said.
Gupta, while indirectly pointing that it can support the third-front that might emerge out of PC and others, sidelining NC and PDP, said “after elections, if PC wins, and if any other like-minded party supports them, we will definitely give it a thought then,” stressing on no pre-poll alliance.
Earlier, Sajad Lone had said that his party will contest elections in all the 87 seats in the state, with Lone leaning towards BJP it was speculated that it might get a support from BJP in the upcoming elections. (RNA)