“ O Mother Kashmir”

“ O Mother Kashmir”
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Basharat Saleem

“O” Illuminating,”O” Shining,”O” Cheering and Daring.
“O” The centre of Learning ,Reading and Writing.
“O” The centre of Laborious ,Innvotive and Hardworking.
“O” The centre of Sincerity, Honesty and Simplicity.
“O” Your statehood is scattered between Mighty states.
“O” It is well known that a “state is a organized form of violence”.
“O” That is why your resistance is repulsed heavily by a mighty state.
“O” Your three wings within sub-state Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.
“O” Yes, are plagued by Corruption, Nepotism and Favoritism.
“O” Extreme Greed and money minting has superseded all morals.
“O” The Souls and Hearts of Common Kashmiris are Crying and Broken.
“O” A sizable Population of yours has turned Fujaar.
“O” That is why are being ruled by Kufaar.
“O” Come come the Responsible’s of Islam.
“O” Sift and Purify this section of Ummah.
“O” Your Serene waters ,Flowering meadows,Snow clad mountains and Lush green valleys.
Instills in us Hope and Optimism,that a day will come
When your fertile nature and rich heritage,
Will overcome the Shadow,Darkness and Cruelty of time.

The author is practicing advocate at J&K High Court, Chamber No 104,and can be reached at advbasharat @ yahoo.in.