Kashmiri Child: Victim of political controversy

Kashmiri Child: Victim of political controversy
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Ishfaq Shafi

The future of child wholly and solely depends upon parents their mentality, their behavior, their assets etc. A family with sound economy can make their children sound in all walks of life. But unfortunate thing for an orphan is that he/she lacks this valuable guardian i.e, parents. The children lost the parental support while as thousands of families lost their bread earners. How an orphan can survive smoothly in this expensive and cunning world. So far as orphan of Jammu and Kashmir are concerned, they are in constant strain, anxiety, stress due to the situation of armed conflict from last two decades and Kashmir region in particular has been the most affected. The conflict has led to the loss of human resource and caused infrastructural damage to some of the important institutions. Here the orphan number is far beyond than normal as compared to other states of India. In this paper it is an attempt to showcase the condition, challenges and the position of orphans in Kashmir region. It also mentions the role of civil society in attempting to reduce the number of orphans and in the rehabilitation of conflict affected victims.
Each conflict left behind a pain, then countries not even you could not forget them in lifetime. They leave such a story behind themselves, which will make you realise the pain of losing it all over the life , either he leaves a story behind himself or he is writing a story behind , and he completes his mission and goes away or he left the responsibility of leaving this mission to us . Here we talk about those people’s who have completed their mission but leave some responsibilities on us . Now we have to see what they left behind Us, and what responsibility did he delivers to us , he is an orphan behind Us, and an mother whom she was her lone ailment. This is not the case of anyone else , this is the case of our own valley. This valley is passing through a phase , wherever every tells us his sad story , someone is sad about going away from his father, someone is crying in the grief of his son and somebody is waiting and looking the way of her husband.
This is our responsibility now , how we will forward these responsibilities, and we will not allow them to lose their feelings, but this is only possible when we will make them feel that we are your own , now your responsibilities is left over us , the lesson of which also gives us our , religion and our Holy Book “ Quran” . Prophet Mohammed (SAW) was also orphan as children. Every pains gives us example of being human , for which purpose Almighty Allah send us here .In this approach, a maternal orphan is a child whose mother has died, a paternal orphan is a child whose father has died, and a double orphan is a child who has lost both parents. This contrasts with the older use of half-orphan to describe children that had lost only one parent.It is emphatically stated that the Holy Quran assigns an important place in its hierarchy of duties to doing of good to orphans. This is elevated to such an extent that caring for the orphans has assumed the form of a sacred institution in Islam. And perhaps for the first in the history of mankind.
For instance in the Quran, it is laid down how the orphans are to be treated. It is as follows: “Therefore treat not the orphan with harshness” (93:9) This verse is explained as not taking care of the orphans is really their oppression. In one sayings of the Prophet of Allah, it is said, “He who takes care of the orphan and I are like these two fingers” (showing his two fingers close to each other) Sahihul Bukhari.
Further doing of good to the orphan in every way is enjoined “Serve Allah and join not equals with him; and do good – to parents, kinsfolk and orphans” (4:36)
It is also stated in another place that spending one’s wealth with the noblest of motives for the welfare of the orphan is emphasised as a true test of one’s faith. (2:177)
We read in the Holy Quran the command of Allah to set aside a portion of one’s wealth for the benefit of orphans when inheritance is divided.
Finally there is a fervent appeal and also a stern warning in the following words: “And let those (executors and guardians) have the same fear in their minds as they would have for their own, if they had left weak offspring behind. So, let them fear Allah and speak right words. Verily those who eat up the property of orphans, they eat up fire into their bellies and they will soon be enduring a blazing fire”.
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