NC’s politics based on lies, deceptions: Vakil

NC’s politics based on lies, deceptions: Vakil
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Srinagar, Dec 23: President Jammu Kashmir Bachao Tehreek and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil Sunday said the politics of National Conference (NC) is based on lies and deceptions.
Sharply reacting to the recent remarks of NC president Farooq Abdullah that if NC gets majority, they will pass the resolution of autonomy in the State Assembly, Vakil said Kashmiris won’t be befooled anymore by these bunch of jokes and lies of NC.
“The party when in absolute majority enjoyed power but could not restore the lost glory of State Assembly and its independence, how come they can do it now when their sun is setting forever,” he said.
Vakil said the people of Jammu and Kashmir voted NC to power several times in the past, but later Abdullahs disappointed them.
“Even once NC passed the Autonomy resolution, but the government of that time in Centre of which Omar Abdullah was a part threw that resolution into a dustbin. Surprisingly, Omar didn’t even resign and continued to enjoy power,” he said.
Holding NC responsible for the prevailing worrisome situation in the state, Vakil said this party was never serious towards the resolution of Kashmir issue and continued its double speak when in power and out of power.
“In power they speak one language and out of power they speak a different language, which has been a hallmark of NCs politics,” Vakil added.
He said even the accord of 1975 could not bear any fruits to NC.
“Had Sheikh Abdullah at that time showed a strong will and face, at the least Kashmir could have achieved the pre-1953 situation.
Vakil said time has come that people of the state unite and ensure defeat of NC and PDP forever as both these parties have only one program which is to grab power and nothing else.
Vakil was addressing party convention at Nowpora Rafiabad , he appealed secular minded leaders to come together and fight dynastic rule of PDP and NC who are responsible for present turmoil in the valley because they had always exploited sentiments of people to grab the power, it is surprising that those who eroded article 370 are talking to safeguard the same. Vakil opined that to create third front option is only way to get rid of NC and PDP