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Khalid Lateef, Shahana Bintul Islam

Since 1640, when a mixo Mizrachi and Sephardic jew, cries in tear bursting chill;
My heart is in the east
My heart is in the east and I am at the edge of the west. Then how can I taste?
What I eat, How can I enjoy it? How can I fulfill my vows and pledges?
While Zion is in the domain of Edom, and I am in the bonds of Arabia?
It would be easy for me to leave behind all the good things of Spain; it would be glorious to see the dust of the ruined shrine.
Haim Gouri (weeping near the Solomon’s wailing wall of Deware Giryah)
The ram came last of all. And Abraham didn’t know that it came to answer the boy’s question– first of his strength when his day was on the wane.
The old man raised his head. Seeing that it was no dream and that the angel stood there — the knife slipped from his hand.
The boy released from his bonds, saw his father’s back.
Isaac, as the story goes, was not sacrificed. He lived for many years, saw what pleasure had to offer until his eyesight dimmed.
But he bequeathed that hour to his offspring.
They are born with a knife in their hearts.
Semitism and the message of Allah
Semites is a group of those peoples who speak a semitic languages. The Jews and Arabs are the two oldest branches of Semites. The word Semite has been derived from the biblical Hebrew word, ‘ Shem’, one of the sons of Prophet Noah (pbuh). This term is usually used for an ethnic, cultural and racial group, who spoke the classic language’s of Semites. According to the explanation of Merriam Websters dictionary, Semites are;
“ A member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs. A descendant of these peoples, a member of a modern people speaking semitic language.”
This definition was proposed in 1894 A.D . From French, late Latin, Greek and Hebrew, the basic root of sem seems to be Shem.
Almighty Allah, sent His Prophets and Messengers for the guidance of people. The scriptures cover very few. For instance, Prophet Adam (pbuh), Prophet Noah (pbuh), Prophet Sheeth (pbuh), Prophet shoab (pbuh), Prophet Lut (pbuh), Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh), Prophet Isaac (pbuh), Prophet Ishmael (pbuh), Prophet Jacob ( pbuh), Prophet Joseph (pbuh), Prophet Moses (pbuh), Prophet Haroon ( pbuh), Prophet David (pbuh), Prophet Solomon (pbuh), Prophet Imran (pbuh), Prophet Zachariah (pbuh), Prophet Yahya ( pbuh) also called as John the Baptist, Prophet Isa or Messiah (pbuh) and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) is the last messenger of our Lord Allah (subhana watala).
The Lord’s name and the message
Many religious denominations call their lord with different names. For instance, Ela, Elah, Elohim, Yahweh, Hashem , Rabbonai, Rabbo, Adhonai, Kurios, Adhon, Mare, Jehovah and Allah( jalla jalal ahu). Ela is basically an Israelite concordance (Strong’s). Ela is similar word of Hebrew parallel to Hebrew illaha, ilahun, ilahu and Allahu. The meaning of Ela is leader, and lord. Simiy, we are familiar with different nouns and properties of Almighty, Rehman and Rahim (merciful and benevolent).
Almighty revealed the ten commandments on his Prophet Moses (pbuh) on Mount Sinai of Egypt. Those commandments include;
1) You shall not worship any other gods but God.
2) You shall not make a graven image.
3) You shall not take the name of God in vain.
4) You shall not break Sabbath.
5) You shall not dishonour your parents.
6) You shall not murder.
7) You shall not commit adultery.
8) You shall not steal.
9) You shall not commit perjury.
10) You shall not covet.
These are the commandments of Allah. Which was promise between bani Israel and Almighty Allah. In reward Allah will bestow them Holy Land. The obvious meaning is that when you use your reason, remember your responsibilities and follow the divine path, then you can acquire righteous and pious character, Taqwa. This should be the final objective of your faith.
“ Thus He has instructed you so that you may use your reason “
“Do not associate anything with Him.: There is only one God. To believe that there is anyone else, who shares the Divinity with Allah is Shirk, a blasphemy and a major sin.
Belief in Tawheed or in oneness of Allah is the true, most logical, and reasonable principle. All other beliefs in duality or multiplicity of God’s have no foundation in truth , reason or reality. Rumi expounds this concept like ;
“I don’t care about Marvelous sights. I only want to be in your presence.”
“Jews, Christian’s and Muslims, we all bow down to Abraham’s God.”
“ Yaar Zinda Sohbat Baaqi
Reunion is subordinate to survival.”
Khalid Lateef is an independent researcher of Iqbaliyat, Bible, comparative study of religions and , Iqbal study in reference with Reunification of science, philosophy, History, Archeology and Humanities. He is a freelance writer and columnist. Currently He is working on the “Comparative study of Allama Iqbal and Albert Einstein”. He can be reached at
Shahana Bintul Islam is a poetess and writer. She writes her poems for the Mushairas of Cultural Academy.