Motivational speaker: Career counselling, emerging trends and importance

Motivational speaker: Career counselling, emerging trends and importance
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Suhail Aamir Lone

In India the education system especially till 10th class focus more on mugging and passing examination. It is treated as the end of life for a student and all the options are only open for students after 10th class. It is after this exam that they have to make the tough decision regarding the choice of one’s stream for further studies. Increasing competition and parental pressure are the major stumbling blocks that make students refrain from choosing the right career path for themselves.
A lot of analysis, research as well as introspection go into taking the final call regarding their options. They further face the challenge of parental pressure, peer competition and societal pressure in order to make the right career decision. This situation creates stress and puts an immense burden on students, which finally leads to a compromised carrier choice. An imperfect decision lurches students into a bubble of dissatisfaction and low self esteem. The forced carrier choice also leads to stream switch over in midsession which is quite a difficult decision on its own.
On the contrary if they decide to carry on with their original choice, they turn into the unlucky fish which are judged by their ability to climb a tree. This obviously lowers their self confidence and belief upon themselves.
For a long time it has been a trend in families of doctors and engineers to brainwash their children and push them into opting for the same profession as themselves. Also, many parents who are not able to prosper in such venerable stream suggests the options of engineering and science to their child in order to fulfil their own personal dreams and aspirations. The phase of post 10th class is the crossroad where students have to gauge the pros and cons of the decision they take in their career. In this career counselling at school level can really help students to decide which is the right career option for a student according to their choice and interest. Some students’ even parents have their pre-conceived notion that Career counselling does not do any good to students in deciding right path as might confuse them with multitude of option at a young age. One of the reason for believing that career counselling will confuse students is because in India we will still need awareness and professional career counsellor for right guidance.
On the other hand, the importance of career counselling are:-
1. Career counselling involves holding aptitude tests for students to make them aware of their strong areas as well as their weak points. This way they can find out their actual interests and then make a well informed choice.
2. It gives students a clear idea of all the subjects, their scope and their job prospects. This finds off confusion and helps them find the areas of their interest and take a decision accordingly. It gives students a birds eye view of the market scenario and which streams can lead them to the path of success. It also educates them about the opportunities available in their streams they wish to opt for. With new streams bombarding the market today, students are left with multiple choices for which career counselling can really help them in deciding their option based on their interests. Career counselling has become essential today owing to the wide range of courses available for students. It let’s them determine their carrier trajectory that further defines the course for the rest of their life.
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