Uncertainty during 2018: Business class associated with wedding arrangements severely affected

Uncertainty during 2018: Business class associated with wedding arrangements severely affected
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Ishtyaq Ahmad

Srinagar, Dec 5: The deferment of marriages due to uncertainty during 2018 hit the regular business of local chefs and people associated with arrangement for wedding ceremonies in Kashmir.
Scores of marriages were postponed during the 2018 marriage session.
A businessman here in Srinagar said that there was uncertainty over the petitions of Article 35A and the shutdowns.
People preferred to cancel their weddings, who were apprehensive over the situation in Kashmir due to shutdown calls.
Ghulam Mohammad, a businessman said that businesses were largely affected due to uncertainty over Article 35A and shutdowns during 2018.
“The situation was not stable. People were not making much purchases for weddings,” Ghulam said, who is dealing with garments and cosmetics at Gonikhan, the market known for the purchase of wedding related items. “People were mentally disturbed. Weddings were cancelled. The traders were not importing goods for marriage ceremonies due to uncertainty,” he said.
He said that Kashmir would witness Rs 3000 crore business on an average daily. “The businesses have been affected around 60 percent,” he said.
The marriages in Kashmir mostly take place for three month between August and November, the calling of weddings had left chefs in despair.
“This was the peak wedding season and we were fully booked till November. Many people postponed weddings or holding them in an austere manner without Wazwan,” Ghulam Mohammad, a local chef from old city’s Maharaj Gunj said. “We make money only in the wedding season but the uncertainty has badly hit our business,” he added.
Valley weddings are elaborate affairs with extravagant feasts, exotic dishes are prepared for days together at the homes of the bride and groom.
“Around 60 percent orders were cancelled.”
Local dailies were also splashed with notices of cancelled weddings or informing guests not to come for a feast as marriages would be held in an austere manner in view of the situation. (KNS)