Mainstream parties craving for space

Mainstream parties craving for space
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Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has asserted that political space for mainstream parties has shrunk in Kashmir due to the worsening situation in the state.
He has stated that politicians need to be provided the space which they deserve otherwise the line dividing the separatists and the mainstream politicians would get blurred.
Since the day PDP-BJP government has fallen in the state the mainstream politicians have been pushed to the wall. They are craving for the space. The decision of the National Conference and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to stay away from the Urban Local Bodies and Panchayat polls has further aggravated their problems. New Delhi seems to have got annoyed by the decision of the Kashmir based parties to stay away from these polls. But the low voter turnout in ULB polls has vindicated the stand of PDP and NC that people are not interested in elections at this point of the time.
National Conference and the Peoples Democratic Party have been caught in a ctach-22 situation. Both these parties have been pushed away from the people and the Centre. It looks like that both the parties are hoping that situation would improve in the Valley and they would get a chance to revive their political activities.NC and PDP leaders who have ruled the state after 1996 know it very well that New Delhi would have to give up its rigidity to pave the way for Kashmir based mainstream politicians to return to the political arena of the Valley. If Centre keeps on ignoring the mainstream parties then these parties won’t be able to make a comeback.