No conversation with management about lack of chances: Karun Nair

No conversation with management about lack of chances: Karun Nair
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Karun Nair, the second-only triple centurion in Tests for India, who’s played only three games since that epoch in Chennai, opened up in an exclusive interview (before the Test squad for the Windies Tests was announced on Friday) about the lack of chances, the difficulties of dealing with it and his hunger to get back and score big again.
The triple hundred of course brought you to the limelight, but has it also had a reverse effect on you, like a disadvantage because of the 300 being talked about over and over again, comparisons, etc?
I don’t think it should be hurting me at all. Having said that, it’s been two years already and I think it’s time we moved on. The past is gone and we have to look ahead to what’s ahead; I don’t think it should be a disadvantage at all. For all, it can only be an advantage, people know what I can do now, I don’t need to prove it to myself or to anyone that I can score runs at the international level because I have done it before. That kind of self-confidence I have, and I don’t need to prove it to anyone. It’s never going to be a disadvantage because once you get to the top level, it’s all about working hard, getting better everyday, and making sure you grab your opportunities.
Remember reading that it (the triple hundred) bottled up for you somewhere, and it took a little bit of time to move away from that?
That I feel was taken in a negative way. I was talking about it in a positive way. I took time to understand the feat I had achieved, that was the meaning of what I was trying to put across; it wasn’t that it put me under pressure or anything, the only thing that bottled up for me was not getting picked after that. I haven’t got the kind of opportunities I should have got after that. That’s the only thing that’s bottled up.
How difficult was it to contend with the failings of the Australia series? You got starts, failed to convert those and now you have been out of the XI since…
I played four innings probably in the Australia series, and I think any batsman could get a start and get out in two innings and could have two failures. But to be out of the team after that and not get a chance after that is just unfortunate. I am not… obviously it is disappointing, all I can do is keep scoring at the domestic level or whichever opportunities I get and get back into the eleven… Whenever I get back into the eleven, I need to make sure those starts are converted. I cannot look at it in a negative way at all because that’s not going to help me at all. All I can say is everyone gets starts and gets out at some point in their careers. For me, it’s happened at that time and after that I haven’t got opportunities. I cannot tell you how difficult it is going to be or how difficult it has been.
Do you feel hard done by because chances haven’t really come by?
It’s just the way it is. The team management and everyone else make their decisions and you as players have to respect it and move forward with that. Like I said, all I can do is let the bat do the talking, and I wouldn’t like to say anything else on that.