Proxy candidates?

Proxy candidates?
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The National General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party Ram Madhav has alleged that National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party are fielding proxy candidates in forthcoming municipal elections.
“It is a good sign. The democracy should flourish. People should contest. We want participation of more and more people,” Madhav said while addressing a news conference in Srinagar.
NC and PDP have denied that they are fielding any proxy candidates. During the past few days both the parties have expelled the party leaders who have violated the decisions of these parties to boycott these elections.
Madhav’s statement has given credence to the speculations that NC and PDP are fighting these polls through a backdoor as they don’t want to lose control over the corporations. Another factor why NC and PDP can field proxy candidates is that they want to stop BJP candidates from winning the municipal polls unopposed.
Madhav has played politics by alleging that NC and PDP are fielding proxy candidates as BJP knows it very well that these polls have provided a golden opportunity to BJP to make inroads into Srinagar city and other towns. Madhav knows it very well that his statement could have an impact on the ground and it could further dent the credibility of NC and the PDP as both the parties are struggling hard to regain their lost ground in the Valley.
When NC and PDP had announced that they would boycott the forthcoming panchayat and municipal polls it seems both the parties missed a point that their boycott would pave the way for BJP and Congress to make inroads in the Valley. There could be some truth in Madhav’s statement about both the parties fielding proxy candidates as there are many reasons for NC and PDP to do so.