Ladakh, Kargil get more powers

Ladakh, Kargil get more powers
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The Jammu and Kashmir Government has approved a bill to fully empower the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council with greater administrative and financial powers.
The LAHDC for Leh came into existence in 1995, while it was established in Kargil in 2003 with the primary objective of supervising various development works. However, along with the passage of time both these councils have been granted more powers and are at the brink of becoming most powerful councils in the country.
People of Ladakh for a longtime have been complaining that they have been neglected by the successive regimes in Jammu and Kashmir. People of Ladakh region have been more vocal in their demand to get separated from J&K. They have been demanding that Ladkah should be turned into a union territory which has got nothing to do with J&K. But the people of Kargil have shown inclination to remain with Kashmir.
There are speculations that Government of India has drafted a proposal to trifurcate Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and making LAHDC more powerful is a part of the proposal. There are even reports that Jammu also would get an autonomous council in coming days so that process of trifurcating the state gets a flip.
An official spokesman on Thursday said that the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (Amendment) Bill, 2018, is “aimed at making development councils of Leh and Kargil highly-empowered to exercise administrative and financial powers without any obstacles and to address the concerns, requirements and aspirations of the people living in the remote areas of Ladakh region.”
To begin with the GoI has granted more financial powers to the LAHDC and it looks like that in coming days Ladakh and Jammu regions may be empowered politically so that these regions have got nothing to do with Kashmir.